Elmwood Foodies: Buffalo based food delivery app, Appetit


Natalie Maloy, President

I hope your saving your “Appetit” for this week’s Elmwood Foodie featuring a new local delivery service based in Buffalo.

Appetit is an app similar to Grubhub or Doordash but it doesn’t steal the restaurants money while servicing the customer.

Have a favorite restaurant that doesn’t deliver? No problem, you can schedule a delivery under the “What are you craving?” section on the website or app.

The founder of the app, Steve Ambrose, was struggling in his restaurant marketing business during the pandemic. With limited capacity in restaurants and then the only to-go food mandate wrecked his monthly revenue.

After struggling for so long he decided he would make his own app called Appetit. He thought through the business plan and decided his own business was what made sense to better his monthly income.

The app was meant to help your local businesses as they are not usually a part of the delivery service on an app like DoorDash or UberEats.

The app features restaurants like Pearl Street Brewery and Thin Man Brewery. All of the Elmwood or downtown favorites you’re looking for.

Support your local business today with the new delivery app Appetit.

For more information on the founder and this app and his business story, please visit, the Buffalo News.