Amateur Hockey Club offers ‘What You Wanted’ as latest single


Amateur Hockey Club

Courtesy of Amateur Hockey Club/Facebook

Thomas Tedesco, Vice President

When the word “nostalgia” is used, most people would associate it with reminiscing on memories of their youth.

But how can someone be nostalgic for something that actually hasn’t happened yet?

Buffalo-based alternative/emo rock band Amateur Hockey Club says that’s what being in your 20s feels like.

“I think that being in your 20s is really cool, because you are totally free,” said lead vocalist Matt Foote. “But it is really hard to get ahead. It’s never been easy to be in your 20s, but it is really, really hard mathematically right now.”

The band’s latest single, “What You Wanted,” wrestles with the ups and downs for a transitional time in adult life, especially with the seminal line in the song’s chorus, “I keep waiting for the world to say sorry, but I think that it’s not.”

Foote says that the inspiration for possibly phantom nostalgia in the song’s lyrics were from a very real conversation he had with his girlfriend about starting adult life post-graduation from Buffalo State College.

“It just, it felt like no matter what I did, it was just never enough, and I constantly felt like I wasn’t recognized,” he said.

Along with Foote, the band consists of drummer Mitch Lariviere and fellow Buffalo State alumni, guitarist Craig Perno and bassist Abram Thompson.

Musically, “What You Wanted” is one the band’s most dynamic songs to date and draws on a variety of influences from other alternative/emo rock artists from the 1990s such as Third Eye Blind and Weezer, as well as more contemporary stylings from artists such as Microwave and Hot Mulligan.

Production from Fernway’s RJ Demarco gives the song its edgier standout type qualities.

Foote also mentioned that the recent additions of Perno and Thompson to the lineup have furthered the development of their sound.

“Craig and Abram bring more grit than we’ve had, so I felt comfortable pushing into that grittier sound,” he said.

Perno said that since joining the band a little over a year ago, it has inspired him both musically and personally.

“I was going through a musical depression at the time and my other band was just not happening at all,” Perno said. “I needed it to happen. As far as music, I was in a slump.”

Thompson, who invited Perno to join the group, has also taken inspiration from his band mates.

“Not only is Matt giving me the room to grow, but he’s teaching me as well and just helping me get better too,” Thompson said. “I feel like I’m a way better bass player than I was when I started.”

The band hopes that with the new single, they can expand their horizons and connect with new fans.

“I feel like there’s a chance right now with how ridiculous social media is and we can really try to connect with people out of town,” Thompson said.

The band also hopes to string together some performances outside of their native Buffalo.

“I hope that this is like a launching point to kind of do some of that, because we’re only going to be young for so long,” Foote said.

“What You Wanted” is available on all major streaming platforms and more information about the band can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.