Love at a distance

Carly Lawson, Staff Writer

Love. Such a complicated concept; yet, one of the most idealized in all of human history.

From sharing intimate moments with your significant other to experiencing new adventures and creating core memories, Valentine’s Day can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

“Valentine’s Day is a day to commemorate your love and appreciation for those who mean a lot to you,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher Williams (i.e. my boyfriend and partner).

Being in a relationship in a plague-induced society has proven difficulties of its own. From juggling online courses with traveling, to wearing masks in public, which hinders public displays of affection, COVID-19 has hindered many “love languages” that people often express.

However, in the age of masks and social distancing, we, as a society, are witnessing an adaptation to this heart-infested holiday.

To make matters more complicated, those of us who are already experiencing long-distance military relationships are experiencing both pandemic-induced relationship struggles plus the imminent threat of tensions rising overseas at the Ukrainian border.

Carly Lawson

The anxiety implemented into any military relationship with a significant other in an active duty service role is terrifying as it is, but if you incorporate international tensions and media coverage of deployments, you get the intense sense of uneasiness and unsettling fear of the “what if.”

Regardless, my partner and I do everything we possibly can to cherish and idealize the time we spend together, both in person and virtually.

“With the distance and lack of communication it’s a reminder that partners are still two different people with their own lives,” Williams says. “They’re joined by the mutual feeling of love.”

Love has never been easy, nor should it be.

This holiday is more than just asking someone to be your Valentine with chocolates and exquisite flowers.

It’s about adapting to challenges when they are faced and to move about them,not as individuals, but as a team.

For our readers, whether your significant other is sitting across from you at the dinner table, or Facetiming you from across the globe, we here, at the Record, wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day and show appreciation to anyone and everyone that holds significance in your life.