Campus safety: did you know?


photo credit: SUNY Buffalo State College website University Police page

Cait Malilay, News Editor

Due to yesterday’s unforeseen events, the Record wanted to share with students some campus safety resources that most may have not been aware of.

1.) Personal Escort Service

Students can request a personal escort to their car or residence hall by contacting  University Police at 716-878-6333. The personal escorts include University Police Student Assistants (UPSAs) and police officers if they are off duty.

2.) University Police Student Assistants

Spongebob SquarePants “Hall Monitor”
photo credit: IMDb Hall Monitor/Jellyfish Jam (1999)

One thing that I noticed among us college students is that we can always use a Spongebob SqauarePants reference, and now is the perfect time.

Did you know that in addition to University Police, we have student patrols on campus?

UPSAs are basically the “hall monitors” of SUNY Buffalo State College.

If you saw them around campus, you’d know their attire includes bright red jackets, red shirts and ID tags.

UPSAs patrol certain buildings, according to a University Police representative, and any student can apply to be one.

3.) Shuttle Service

Buffalo State campus shuttle bus
photo credit: SUNY Buffalo State College website University Police page

SUNY Buffalo State College offers shuttle services not only to and from Tops and Wegmans, but also late night services with a 16-passenger minibus operated by Gray Line Niagara Falls/Buffalo.

This is an escort service that can take students to parking lots and most buildings. During evening and overnight hours, the minibus operates from 4:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. seven days a week.

Students can wait at any blue-light phone along the route. Because of the size of the shuttle, according to the University Police website, parking lots I-32, I-33 and I-35 cannot be accessed safely.

Students can also download the free SmartTraxx app for Android or Iphone.

4.) Blue-light emergency phone

Ever wonder what those blue lights were on campus? If a student were to ever feel unsafe and were walking alone, especially from a late-night class, they can go to any of these blue lights, click on the button and it will directly connect them to University Police.

5.) Free Educational Program

Training programs are hosted by the  University Police and are free for students, staff and faculty. For more information on these programs, please visit their website.