Become a part of Buffalo State with USG


Natalie Maloy, President

Buffalo State offers many opportunities to get involved and use your voice to make a difference.

United Students Government is a student-run organization framed around giving students that voice. Essentially, USG is the student government, who no matter what, represents the students. That is why getting involved is so important and why USG needs you on their senate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a decline in membership. USG is in need of 25 senate members out of their 30 member capacity.

I spoke with USG executive board consisting of President Jimmy Speaker, Treasurer Kat Horton and Secretary Tayllor Clark about USG and their experience, advice and how to become a part of USG.

Q: What is the hardest struggle for each of you being a part of this organization and how has this taught you a valuable lesson in life or the professional world?

A: Time management is the biggest thing that I’ve learned. I went from being a normal student to USG President – so it took a lot of adjustment over the summer to get used to the demands of meetings and things; but it really has helped me both in USG and professionally, Speaker said.

Q: If you had to convince someone to join USG, what would you tell them?

A: We oversee the student activity fee, and students getting involved in USG get to see that fee come to use, Horton said.

Horton is a 47-year-old sophomore student who describes herself as a non-traditional student. She speaks on how her past experience in the professional world has shaped her experience here at Buffalo State.

“I learned how to understand that not everyone has the knowledge or experience that I do and I think this will help me in the professional world later on when I am giving a client nutrition advice. I know now they might not understand what I know either.”

“This is a student-run organization, with a student perspective. If you have something you want to be said or noticed, USG is your voice,” Clark said.

Meetings currently are on Tuesdays at 8:45 p.m. USG waits until all members school schedules are registered until meeting times are finalized. During the spring semester 2021 USG plans on having meetings on Mondays at 6 p.m.

In order to become a member your overall GPA must be 2.7 or higher. The member must also attend at least one event during their time on the senate. This number was lowered due to COVID-19 protocols and may change in the upcoming semesters.

Horton ended the interview with one final statement regarding involvement with USG.

“Even if you have a feeling for one split second, maybe you should join, this is definitely the right decision for you.”