A look at the Jack Eichel trade


Andrew Forsyth, Sports Writer

After months and months of speculation and wonder, Jack Eichel has FINALLY been traded.

The former 2nd overall pick and Sabres’ captain will move out west to Las Vegas where he will join an already high-powered offense of the Golden Knights.

Coming to Buffalo is Alex Tuch, who grew up a Sabres fan, and very intriguing and exciting prospect Peyton Krebs.

The official trade is this:

Sabres Receive:

Peyton Krebs
Alex Tuch
2022 1st Round Pick
2023 2nd Round Pick

Vegas Receives:

Jack Eichel
2023 3rd round pick

Sabres do not retain any salary on the deal so the Knights will take on the remaining 5 years of 10mill AAV for Eichel’s deal. It is confirmed Eichel will go through and do the artificial disk surgery and is expected to be recovered fully after the NHL Olympic break.

The Sabres in my opinion got a very good return. Peyton Krebs is a top-tier prospect and should be an amazing part of the team for years to come. Alex Tuch is a good piece to have and is already signed to a contract and wants to be a Sabre. A lot of times all a team needs is a player who wants to be there. For Alex Tuch, it is a dream come true to be a Sabre as he grew up a huge fan of them. And of course, it is always great to have a first-round pick.

What does this mean for the future? Well, this is the official changing of the core. Eichel is gone and the kids are taking control. If I had to give this trade a grade it would have to be B+ to an A-. The reason I am reluctant to give it anything higher than that is due to reports that the Calgary Flames maybe had a much better offer than what they ended up getting. Although if it turns out those reports were false then the trade looks much better.

In conclusion, the Sabres got a good haul for Eichel and they will hopefully continue on a winning path.

Goodbye Jack Eichel and goodbye to all the rumors…which I am very happy about. We can finally put this saga behind us and just watch some hockey. As always, go Sabres!