MIKE’s ‘Small World Big Love’ tour comes to Buffalo


Courtesy of the Rec Room

photo credit: MIKE + Liv.e concert flyer from the Rec Room website

Tanya Gamble, Staff Writer

MIKE gave an amazing performance at the Rec Room in Buffalo, NY for his Small World, Big Love tour.

A talented set of artists gave astonishing performances at the Rec Room on October 26. These individuals go by the names Sideshow, MIKE and Liv.e. They are all trying to make their mark in the music world with their individual brands of eclectic music.

The opening act was fresh faced rapper, Sideshow from Brooklyn. Sideshow is signed to MIKE’s record label 10k and is making a name for himself in the industry. His music videos on YouTube have accumulated over 12,000 plays and continuously go up. He performed stand out track “Stay Still” alongside a few tracks from his latest album Wicked Man’s Reprise.

The second act was Liv.e, a 23 year old up and coming artist based in Los Angeles.

She moved from Dallas a year and a half ago to pursue her dreams of becoming a paid recording artist.

Her sound is hard to describe drawing on different elements from artists like Jimi Hendrix, MC Lyte and Erykah Badu.

Trance, Hip Hop and R&B come together in a marriage to make her take on psychedelic soul music. She performed “Lessons From My Mistakes…but I Lost Your Number,” alongside a couple of tracks from her album Couldn’t Wait to Tell You.

MIKE, the headliner stole the show with his energetic performance. The 23 year old rapper, DJ and record producer started his set with his popular song “Aww (ZaZa),” then performed many records from his latest album Disco! exciting the crowd more with each transition.