Buffalo Music Hall of Fame has new place to call home

Thomas Tedesco, Vice President

The collection of Buffalo’s finest and most celebrated musicians now has a new place to call home right in the city’s Black Rock neighborhood.

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame has been around since 1983, but until now, it did not have a centralized location to conduct business. Hall of fame inductee and board of directors’ member, Eddie Tice is very excited to have the space.

“It’s nice now that we have a place. We’re not homeless anymore,” Tice said.

Walking into the building is like taking a trip down memory lane of Buffalo music history. Guitars, photographs and other memorabilia of inductees line the walls of the room.

The building is located on Amherst Street next to the Sportsmen’s Tavern. It was acquired by the hall of fame thanks to the venue’s owner, Dwayne Hall.

“We were very lucky. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have this space,” Tice said.

They plan on hosting collaborative community events with the Hall family and the venue in the near future.

“We would like to turn it into a little music Mecca down here. I don’t see why not, something’s happening every single night,” Tice said.

For more information on news and events for the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, check out the their website.