Return to the Roar: Redefining Normal – Again


Angela Caico, Staff Writer

Everyone’s definition of ‘normal’ has shifted in the past year. For the fall semester, it will have to be altered once again when in-person classes finally return! How are you feeling about the change? Your peers weigh in on the positives – and negatives – of the upcoming adjustment.

“It’s important for new college students to get the in-person experience. I’m not sure exactly when the safest time would be to return, but we have to move it along someway, somehow.” – Junito Rivera, junior.

“Online can be difficult to talk with your professor when there’s no option to stay after class if needed. In-person classes allow for actual real live interactions with your classmates and professor that can create a conversation for the class time.” – Ashley Rosales, junior.

“Being able to have class discussions and dialogue with the ability to ask and/or provide feedback was a benefit of in-person classes.” – Staniquea Brown, senior.

“I feel like in-person classes definitely give me more motivation to actually get up and learn about the specific class and complete all work, but online courses leave me with a lack of motivation.” – Jaevon Hernandez, sophomore.

“In-person interaction with professors and peers helps with my personal learning abilities. I like bouncing ideas and learning new things from others that I may not have already known.” – Rennel Williams, senior.

“In-person classes give you that in-person experience with the professor to really show them where you’re struggling and have clear communication with them, which can’t always happen over Zoom.” – Hayley Greene-Rosa, junior.

“It is a lot easier to pay attention when in a classroom rather than in the comfort of your own home. Being able to actually go on campus and see others would boost morality. I want my grades to improve and my ability to learn to increase, and I really think that would happen if I was on campus for school.” – Gracelyn Rife, sophomore.

“Online classes can be not only solitaire, but it can make school feel like a challenge instead of being smooth. It feels like we just have to get assignments done and are not actually learning anything. It’s also more challenging to want to participate or keep focus.” – Jaylene Gonzalez, sophomore.

“I’ll miss being in my own space. It’s comfortable, homey, I don’t have to be around people.” – Rivera

“I won’t be with family anymore and honestly, it’s a scary thing to even go back to the way things were. I do think online courses are much better. I also wouldn’t be able to work since courses are during the day spread out, so it will be difficult to get a job that can be flexible with school hours.” – Rosales

“Honestly, I am not excited to start in-person classes yet as there is still a risk to contract COVID-19. My daily routine with work and family life will change dramatically once in-person classes resume as I would have to redo my whole schedule and figure out how to balance both lives. Having Zoom classes actually made it easier for me to get all my classes in on time for graduation in May.” – Brown

“I personally love virtual learning. I’m able to multitask and I’m able to complete more things and take care of my home life without taking a break to travel to class and pay for childcare.” – Williams

“In-person classes are definitely going to affect me personally because I have been able to work more which has been helping me be able to afford my bills. I had more free time not being in person because in between my classes I could focus on dedicating time to working on coursework.” – Greene-Rosa

“In-person classes are actually going to be difficult for me because there is a lot going on, and now that classes have been online life has happened and created more challenges. So, although in-person class is better, now there are other factors that come into play when thinking of attending in-person classes again.” – Gonzalez

For me, going back to in-person classes will take some getting used to. I’ve developed a routine. I will need to make the necessary changes to allot for the time it takes to commute back and forth and spend my day on campus.

It’s true that we don’t realize the things we have taken for granted until they’re gone. It will be refreshing in the coming months to get back to socializing, going out to eat, and attending school. Testing and vaccinations are more widely available and utilized, and life can start getting back to -normal! See you all in the fall!