Return of the Roar: A New Experience

Jerick Hall, Staff Writer

With the year finally coming to a close, we reflect on the 2020-2021 year that made us adapt to online learning. Communications major Quinn Casey, and Education major Danni Taylor talked about their experience with remote learning and would prefer to take classes online during the fall.

What was the toughest challenge in taking classes online?

“I think the toughest challenge was in the beginning. I didn’t feel fully confident being online and it was hard getting used to my professors and their way of teaching remotely”, said Casey.

“The top two items I would mention would be technical issues and maintaining momentum/work ethic. The inability to create in-person relationships was a source of challenge, as socialization is an integral part of learning”, said Taylor.

Taylor also said adapting to gaps in communication with professors has been quite the adjustment for her, as office hours are now limited.

From your perspective, what are some positive aspects of learning remotely?

“Remote learning enforces the need for self-discipline and forces you to find intrinsic motivation because the immediate accolades from an instructor most often do not occur. Additionally, being able to personally create my learning environment in the form of a home office got rid of the stress of in-person lecture during the pandemic”, said Taylor.

Do you prefer remote learning over in-person classes?

“Now, I prefer remote learning. I’ve gotten super used to it and learned to become super independent with my schoolwork”, said Casey.

I asked both students about any advice they would give to students that would want to take classes remotely.

“My most sincere piece of advice is to use your resources. This includes, but is not limited to, other classmates, tutors, writing labs, as well as your professors’ office hours”, said Taylor.

“My advice would always be to always check your email, and don’t be afraid to reach your professors to meet on Zoom—especially if you are confused or falling behind”, said Casey.

With the fall semester quickly approaching, I asked Quinn Casey about how she felt about going back on campus?

“I feel like I’m ready to go back and I hope it’s an easy transition for everyone since we’ve been out of the campus for so long”, said Casey.

Casey hopes that Buffalo State will provide more options for students that want to take classes online.

2020 has been a difficult year for students that were used to in-person learning. Students have become more accustomed to taking classes remotely, but still welcome in-person learning.