Return of the Roar: Roar Bengals, Roar

Daniel May, Sports Editor

The world is a scary and unpredictable place. The notion was confirmed with the onset of the COVID-19 plague. The virus slowly started to make its way through the country since the start of 2020. However, it began to gain national attention on March 14.

Lawmakers and politicians alike called for a nationwide shutdown, for the safety of this country is the top priority. Ever since the pandemic started, this country has not been the same. Here we are over a year later, and people are still frightened to leave their house.
Let’s hear what college students have to say about the pandemic.

Collin Dempsey and Tyler Cruz, both commuting freshmen were vocal about their college experience with COVID-19. When asked about the challenging academic hardship they’ve faced due to COVID-19.

“Yea, nothing about college this year has been normal. Not the classes, not the social life, and especially not my grades. Because I’m not able to talk to professors as much, my grades are not doing as well,” said Dempsey.

“This semester is not how I pictured my freshman year. Instead of making friends and memories, I am stuck at home doing virtual school. You can’t make friends virtually. That’s not how it works,” said Cruz.

They continued to express their distress when discussing the effect the pandemic has had on their social life.

“A commuter has been difficult during Covid times. All my classes are virtual, so I haven’t been able to make friends. Also, the majority of my high school friends are in dorms at different colleges around the country. So not only am I not making new friends, but I cannot see my old friends. Overall, my social life has taken a toll,” added Cruz.

“I always pictured my first year of college to be exciting and exciting. In lack of terms, this year sucks. I cannot wait to be on campus next year and meet people,” Dempsey mentions.

Although, they do not entirely speak for the student body. They provide valuable insights into how most of the students are feeling.

Online learning has not been easy for anyone at the college, especially the students. One can only hope for a new normal in the upcoming fall semester.