Return to the Roar: The Students Perspective


Natalie Maloy, President

We were told the news that school might go fully online but we all never believed it. We were scared but again couldn’t believe it. Time was flashing before our eyes. Our friends moved back home. We lost everything we used to call our school. Classes were to be completely virtual until further notice. But now we see our school just peeking around the corner, “I’m Back!”. Return to the roar has finally begun but what has the loss done to us as students and faculty? Was the pandemic too much for us? Can we even think about going back? It will be so weird, Is it safe? These are all thoughts and questions that each of us have.

Two students, Haley Domin and Edwin Diaz share their opinion on the transition back into in person classes this upcoming fall semester.

They were told the news almost a year ago that classes were to be all virtual. Emotions were everywhere and so was their social life. Edwin Diaz explained his struggle during his at home learning experience.
“When classes went 100% online my family and I all stayed indoors and we had to work around each other schedule so we couldn’t be loud at certain times because my brothers and I were going to school at the same time” Said Diaz
He went on to explain not only did he have difficulty finding the right time to do his work but the workload was too much at once. Haley Domin agreed with this fact that the amount of work was overwhelming.
“Workload for classes was way too much to handle. It is 10x more work than in person and I feel I even learned more in person than online with all these assignments.” said Domin

Once the news finally rolled around, the return to the roar began and so did students’ education. Students are excited and nervous to get back into “their normal” routines of in person classes.
“I am excited for in-person interaction and seeing my peers . But I’m scared about the workload possibly not going down and also the tests will be hard because everyone has been using notes and the internet to try and find answers. It’s going to be hard getting back into the groove of memorizing information and absorbing it.” said Domin

Domin is not alone in this opinion. Many students are now “trained” to not learn, but look up the answers. They seem to not challenge themselves anymore being that the answer is so easily in front of them. Or they don’t pay attention as much either because they technically “don’t have to”.
“Going back to in person classes I am excited about having to do on hand work because I am an engineer and I learn better with hands-on experience. Online most classes I would just skip the lecture and do them on my time. Now it’s gonna be a set schedule and I would have to follow routine now but it’s something that I just have to put into my daily tasks.” said Diaz
As students we hope going back in person will remain a positive experience. Domin and Diaz have aspirations and questions regarding return to the roar.
“I’m scared about how things are going to be actually done because of Covid and stuff like that. So, Is it gonna be less people in the class? Is there going to be more regulations because it’s gonna be more people? I’m just worried about how things are going to be organized going back to in person.” Said Diaz

Those questions aren’t answered yet and can’t be until the campus gives out this information. What we as students can do is have hopes for a positive outcome to this transition back.
“I hope we are back in person completely with no masks and no restrictions going into the U anymore or into the library and we could go in and out the same doors instead of entering one door and exiting the other.” said Domin

“I hope that… I learn better…have more social interactions like getting to meet new people and have more of those connections. I also hope, Overall more hands-on experience because I am an engineer and I want to see things be made, I want to make stuff myself and I just want to learn more.” Said Diaz

It seems that these two students are concerned with how much of a change it will be. Yet we all recall the transition into online classes was a big change too. It was scary and confusing and that’s exactly what each student I interviewed felt during both transitions. It is a change but for the better. Students can finally get back and have hand on experience like Diaz mentioned. Or see their friends that moved back home like Domin said. Our education is about to start again, let’s make this next semester and the rest of our college years count!