Buffalo State Professor Makes Controversial Comment


Elijah Robinson, Opinion Editor

In Fall 2020, lecturer Erica Cope was recorded in class saying a racially insensitive comment. During a lesson, she made this comment:

“I’m sick of talking about Black Lives Matter.”

After the recording was released to the public in late April, she received swift condemnation from students and faculty alike.

Jahnay Morehead, the student who recorded the quote stated: “A lot of students was like, ‘Why? Why do you feel this way’? And she really didn’t want to go into it.”

She delayed the posting of this video out of fear of retaliation.

Buffalo State College President Katherine Conway-Turner issued a statement in part:

“While free expression and debate in welcome on our campus, and in our class rooms, we must always recognize that free speech is not without consequence for those it reaches.”

“We haven’t received too much information yet on steps being taken internally to assure that this doesn’t happen again”, said Student Government President Jennie Mauk, “We’re just looking to see what next steps are and then how we can advocate for that change to be made.”

This is a developing story and the Student Government at Buffalo State College is preparing an official response.