Is “Godzilla vs. Kong” worth your time?

Dillon O'Connor, Staff Writer

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is the fourth installment of Legendary studio’s “Monster-Verse”, and it is quite possibly the best of the bunch.

The movie had the task of giving a satisfying answer to the fan favorite question, “Who would win, Godzilla or King Kong?”

The marketing team used this to stir up hype around their movie. Even if you didn’t care about the movie, it is easier for some to latch onto a team.

Thus, the internet spit into #TeamGodzilla and #TeamKong. This caused everything from in depth analysis videos to simple memes, and all of this added to the film’s publicity.

In terms of the merits of the film, almost everything in the movie looked stunning.

For instance, Kong is shown sitting in the rain and each movement he makes reacts with the water falling off his body in such detail that anyone would be amazed.

The environments varied a large amount and gives the audience a sense of how large scale the world is in relation to the monsters.

There is a more focused feeling to the fight scenes that was absent from the previous movies. Often times the fight scene would cut away at the beginning of the monsters’ clash; a trope that would prove frustrating for most fans.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” sticks with the fights until they are concluded, which is to it’s benefit as it has some of the better action sequels of the series.

A large positive to “Godzilla vs. Kong” is that there is a conclusive winner to the fight. Many fans speculated that both monsters would band together and fight a common evil rather than battle each other for the “King of the Monsters” title, and while this is half true there is definitively a strong of the two.

The movie’s only real fault is that certain scenes were cut to shorten the run time of the movie to just under two hours.

These scenes may have been the key to strengthening the overall story of the movie.

A great example is that one of the villains is the son of a scientist who saved Godzilla’s life five years prior in the previous movie, however that villain is only referred to as such once, so many may have missed it.

This should have and may be explored in the deleted scenes, as it would help the viewer understand why he his now trying to undo his father’s work and maybe even give more attachment to the human characters.

That said, the movie doesn’t have much going for it in the ways of human characters. They aren’t bad, but they suffer from the same problem the humans from the “Transformers” movies are plagued by; they are simply not why people go to see the film.

Most if not all of the audience goes to see these types of action films for the monsters, robots or other exciting CGI being that is feature.

For that reason, “Godzilla vs. Kong” is essentially bulletproof. The story doesn’t matter because no one came to see the story, they came to see if a giant gorilla could beat a giant radioactive crocodile in a fist fight.

If monster fights are what you’re looking for, this movie delivers.