3 Takeaways from the Bills Off-Season

Jerick Hall, Sports Writer

Bills General Manager, Brandon Beane, hasn’t had the most active off-season of acquiring big-name free agents like last season. This was difficult to manage since the Bills have one of the worst cap situations in the league.
Yet the Bills were able to make moves that would still keep them in contention as one of the best teams in the NFL.
Here are the three takeaways from the Bills offseason so far:
1. The Bills find a way to keep their core players.
As Bills fans would say, “Big Baller Beane” has done it again with free agency. With the Bills being over the cap heading into the 2021 off-season. NFL experts found it difficult for the Bills to keep players like linebacker Matt Milano, and offensive tackle Daryl Williams.
Yet, Brandon Beane was able to re-sign Milano to a four-year $44 million contract. Which includes, $24 million in guarantees. Beane also extended Micah Hyde’s contract, re-signed offensive guard John Feliciano, and offensive tackle Daryl Williams.
The Bills have also brought back notable names such as starting cornerback, Levi Wallace, and wide receiver Isiah McKenzie on one-year deals. Both players aren’t the most impactful players on the team, but they bring tons of leadership to the plate.
Bills fans, be excited that “Big Baller Beane” has brought some of the core members back. Hopefully, as fans, we can continue to see the bills dominate the AFC!!
2. The Bills cut wide receiver, John Brown.
John Brown was a very important piece to Bill’s success over the last couple of seasons. John Brown has racked up over 1,500 yards for the Bills in two seasons. Which includes, being the first Bill, since Sammy Watkins, to eclipse 1,000 yards.
Bills General Manager, Brandon Beane decided to let go of the veteran. One of the reasons is that the Bills would save up over $8 million in cap space. The second reason is that John Brown only played nine games, which includes his age of being 31 years old.
With Brown’s release the Bills were able to spend money on re-signing their other key members.
3. The Bills were able to sign key free agents.
The Bills didn’t have the best cap situation, but they managed to create some space thanks to contract restructures and cutting players. Brandon Beane was able to sign, running back, Matt Breida, Tight end, Jacob Hollister, and former Bears starting Quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky.
None of these players are big names in the free agency market, but they add tons of depth and leadership to the team.
The one notable free agent that Beane was also able to sign was former pro-bowler Emmanuel Sanders, who can be an immediate replacement for John Brown.
The Bills were able to make the most of what they had in free agency. For the Bills to have little cap space and still retain a majority of the team that made the AFC championship game, is impressive to say the least. Fans should expect another great run this season.
Let’s go Buffalo!