Qualification for Psychology internship program (PSY 488)


Natalie Maloy, President

The best way to be successful in anything that you do is with experience. Gratefully, the Buffalo State Psychology internship program gives you that ability.

The program is a class that gives 3 credits for taking an internship as well. As a student you have two options: Field Study or Teaching Internships.

You are required to take out 12 hours per week in order to fulfill requirements. This is two full days per week set aside just for the internship. As well as the internship, each student will take the PSY 488 class (spring or fall) with a research paper at the end of the semester.

Current internship sites include but are not limited to:
Gateway-Longview (children with
emotional and behavioral disorders)

International Institute (refugees)

Journey’s End Refugee Services

Buffalo Psychiatric Center (currently not taking interns due to Covid-19 precautions)

Northpointe Council (addictions)

Family Help Center (at risk

Transitional Services Inc. (adult

Autism Services

Research Institute on Addictions

Atto Technologies (HR)

Fetch Logistics (HR)

Erie County Forensic Mental Health
Services (holding center)

Buffalo COURTS Program (adults in
legal system)

Compass House (homeless and runaway

That is a long list of potential internships but with limited availability and high competition. Currently internships are only available to second semester students and propriety is given to seniors. If you’re worried about obtaining an internship on limited time and competition consider Service-Learning.

Service Learning is found throughout campus in the Psychology department. Including, PSY 417 Atypical Infant and PSY 381 Psychology of Culture. With this you volunteer your time to benefit the community and enhance class content. Typically it takes up about 20 hours or fewer over the course of the semester.

Prior to accepting an internship, students must attend:
Career Development Center resume workshop
Career Development Center interviewing workshop
One online module, available from me after your acceptance into the program

Failure to complete these will have implications for the class participation grade. It is important to build your resume and interviewing skills as internships are very competitive nowadays. Attending the career development center will enhance your skills and put you ahead of others who do not attend.

To register for the internship, you must first remember to turn in the required documents by the deadline (via email). Shortly after the deadline, contact the internship coordinator to discuss a potential placement. The internship coordinator for this year and the next is, Dr. Jill Norvilitis. Contact her at [email protected].

T next step is to schedule an interview with your potential site. This should happen before the end of the semester in which you are applying. Following that, there is a form you must fill out and complete in order to attain credit for the internship. After the form is completed, the department chair will sign off and you will be given permission to register.

Following permission of the internship coordinator to register, login to Banner and register for the internship. This must be completed by the end of drop/add.

Once you have started at your internship, you must complete the Internship Learning Agreement. This is signed by you, your site supervisor and the internship coordinator.

Covid-19 restrictions apply for each internship. Currently internships are also offered online.

Applications found on Buffalo State Psychology page at https://psychology.buffalostate.edu/