Tik Tok user noticed by bands

Dillon O'Connor, Staff Writer

Tik Tok has been making many older songs more relevant recently, and one user has received attention from more than just other users on the app.

Jeris Johnson has caught the attention of two bands by covering and remixing their popular songs. He has covered both Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” and Bring Me the Horizon’s “Can You Feel My Heart”.

Both bands have taken notice and he has collaborated with both to release official remixes of the songs.

Johnson’s remix of “Can You Feel My Heart” gave the song an EDM overhaul to the emo anthem. The whole song has been given a heavy bass backing track that fits Johnson’s rapping perfectly.

The new spin on the originally edgy music has created a song that can be enjoyed by a greater audience.

For the most part, many fans of Bring Me the Horizon have been very accepting of the new song and were shocked by how good they found the rap segments were.

Johnson went as far as to film a music video with Papa Roach after being approached by the band.

“Last Resort” has retained more of the original sound than “Can You Feel My Heart”. The song keeps a large portion of the guitar riffs that were prominent in the first version, but it now replace the verses with rap versions while the chorus was left alone as it is the most memorable part of the song.

The real complaint about the song is that is shorter than the original version which is due to the faster rap sections.