Reasonable Weekend Getaways: Pt 2

Angela Caico, Staff Writer

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up and leave Buffalo for the weekend? With schoolwork piling up, it seems like wishful thinking. But I have found some unique stays – within driving distance – that can make you feel 1,000 miles away. It may be just what you need to hit that reset button!

When you think of the Finger Lakes, about two and a half hours away from Buffalo, NY, the village of Dundee might not be the first location that comes to mind. I was looking for a unique, close-to-home place to go for Super Bowl weekend.

My daughter was born 15 years ago on Super Bowl weekend. Every year, her birthday is overshadowed by the Super Bowl event. This year, I gathered her, her friends, and some of my friends (who aren’t football fans) for an unforgettable weekend away inside of a one-of-a-kind renovated – CHURCH!

This 4200 square foot pet-friendly Airbnb is massive, comfortably sleeping 8 guests. The décor is old-fashioned and classy. The kitchen was our favorite, with multiple cooking areas, a giant island, and new appliances. The incredibly high church ceilings provided excellent acoustics for our music. The kids spent most of their time in the back of the house in their colossal bedroom while the adults congregated in the main living area. We could not hear them, and they could not hear us, which was a huge bonus!

The bathrooms were amazing, the showers were extravagant and stylish, and included toiletries. I slept in a loft above the living area, which I assume at one point in time was where an organ player would have been playing music for the congregation at the church. There were many fun things to do on this property, including;

• A pool table
• A wood-burning stove
• A chess table
• A poker table
• A movie projector
• Board games & books

We also found a deck of tarot cards amongst the board games. My roommate, who is into doing readings, burned the sage and attempted to contact any old spirits that might be lurking around. We witnessed several supernatural incidents during our stay – a window blind rolling up on its own, hearing my name being called on, hearing random thumps and noises. It made our stay that much more fun and exciting.

We barely wanted to leave this awe-inspiring house. However, when we did, it was only a short 10-to-20-minute drive to surrounding wineries and restaurants. There was also a Dollar General, a liquor store, and a pizza place within walking distance. If it weren’t for my daughter having to be back for school, we would have considered extending our stay!