SUNY In Danger of Higher Tuition as soon as Fall 2021


Natalie Maloy, President

Stand up for your fellow SUNY students in next year’s budget. As soon as April 1, 2021, if put into effect on time, SUNY tuition will be able increase while financial aid stays at the same amount. This will go into effect as soon as Fall semester 2021.

This budget proposed for SUNY, which includes Buffalo State, will allow SUNY to raise tuition higher if budgets are cut. They would raise tuition by $200 each year until 2024-2025. Currently the in state tuition at Buffalo State is $8,472. That means by the year 2025,  tuition will be at $9,272.

The State Budget includes funding for Financial Aid programs like the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and the Excelsior Scholarship, opportunity programs that include EOP and a capital budget that pays for the construction and maintenance of facilities on-campus.

Kevin Duganin, Regional Campus Supervisor of New York Public Interest Research Group said:

“This year’s Executive Budget, funding for financial aid programs and opportunity programs at SUNY campuses would not be increased, even though we are in the middle of a pandemic and economic downturn that has left students and their families struggling to make ends meet.”

Buffalo State NYPIRG would like you to sign the “No Cuts to Higher Ed Petition” petition, for your higher education is at risk! The petition must be signed no later than March 15, 2021.

This petition is to ensure that all state leaders make sure that students are put first, and that we don’t see cuts to SUNY


Please sign NYPIRG’s petition at this link: