B movies vs. indie movies

B movies vs. indie movies

Dillon O'Connor, Staff Writer

B movies and indie movies are not mutually exclusive.

B movies and indie movies are both restrained by their limited budget but the feeling that we get from them is incredibly different.

When many people think of indie movies often times, they think of more artsy films that are put together by a group of young adults in hopes to bring a social issue to light.

In reality all the word “indie” means is that the film is not tied to a studio. The lack of studio backing can limit funds for these films. As such special effects aren’t normally stellar on a small budget, so genres like drama and horror seem to rise to the top when done well.

B movies on the other hand are often seen as the jokes of the film industry.

B movies or Budget movies are exactly what they sound like. Movies that are made using an incredibly small budget. The result is often a semi-self-aware movie that fails in many aspects but serves to further the experience of those involved in creating it.

Let’s take “The Blair Witch Project” as an example. This movie was film on a cheap camera that gave the movie the found footage feeling that it was trying too capture.

Its initial budget was only $60,000, which is small compared to the movie’s sequel “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2” which was working with $15 million. The sequel is by far a worse movie in every way; however, it was still a financial success.

Many scenes in the sequel are almost laughably bad, but the movie can’t technically be called a B movie even though it may carry the overall feeling of one.