Buffalo State Theatre Department welcomes new students

Nia Peeples, Staff Writer

The challenges of the on-going coronavirus pandemic has made several campus events occur in a much different manner than in the past, especially in the music and arts.

The theatre department held a virtual showcase welcoming freshmen and transfer students on Nov. 10 during Bengal Pause.

Theatre majors prepared for their performance by running lines with siblings, vocal warm ups, planning out shots, and repetitive work for memory.

Students filled out a short survey that tested how prepared and confident they are. Students would be sharing a video of how they would like to be presented to the department.

Approximately half of the students feel ready for their performance and nobody is too nervous. They ranked their uneasiness from 3 to 7 on a scale of 10.

Some students believe that if this performance was in person they would have prepared more because their nerves would have been off the charts. Although their professors have properly prepared them by teaching breathing exercises, timing, and stretches to do beforehand to improve their act.

Isaiah Hancock, freshmen, introduced himself as a musical theatre lover and with the song “Disappear” from the Broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen”. His music video had him performing in various places and you could see the passion in the way he engaged his full body.

Lee Bishop who was also interested in musical theatre, introduced herself with spoken word. Bishop’s video showed her sitting on her bed sharing her original poem about discovering self love after loneliness, depression, and toxic relations.

Jeanvier Nkurunziza introduced himself by telling us about his French background and a monologue about religion.

Marykate Beyer introduced herself by teaching how to deadlift. This was an unconventional showcase performance, and very different from her peers. Although, this helped her stand out and the department was able to learn more about her daily life.

Mary Margaret Keenan-Brown, a transfer student, is interested in set and costume design. She introduced herself by showing her diagrams. They were small theatre sets of castles, flowers gardens, a nightmare forest, and a hot air balloon with a whale being shot at it.

Katie Hagerty, the final act, is interested in musical theatre. She sang ‘I Will Prevail’ from the musical Wonderland (spin on Alice in Wonderland). The video showed her in a black dress embracing her inner Mad Hatter singing in front of a blank wall.