Indigo Soul takes over Halloween

Nia Peeples, Staff Writer

Buffalo-based art group, Indigo Soul hosted a Halloween gathering with their theme being, “I know what you did last night”.

The three women of the group dressed as T-Boz, Left-Eye, and Chilli from TLC, and the last member was Andre 300.

On the front door hung a “no mask, no entry” sign, then upon entry you are greeted with fearsome decorations and a great atmosphere. The venue was spacious with two floors and a back section leading to an alleyway granting outdoor fun and ventilation. Art work was also hung throughout the party.

The party was filled with a variety of costumes – skeletons, cowboys, disco stars, officers, angels, devils, Greek mythicals,  Michael Jackson and Lil Kim. The winner of best costume was a gypsy in a long skirt with body jewelry and a headwrap.

The music selection ranged from throwbacks to trap, keeping everyone jumping and rapping. The energy was immaculate and the fun lasted all night.

Unfortunately, guests were not wearing masks or social distancing. Indigo Soul could only recommend mask wearing and demand them at the door, they could not force everyone to comply during the party.