Covid-19 Vs. Buffalo State winter sports

Daniel May, Sports Editor

Just as things started to look better for the future of college sports, they received a huge slap in the face on Tuesday, October 21, after hearing the news that all winter sports will be cancelled.

For all fans and players, it is important to know that winter sports are indeed cancelled, and NOT delayed.

The Record reached out to Tom Koller, the Officer in Charge of athletics at Buffalo State College, for some insight into how this decision was made.

When asked about the decision, Koller replied, “The decision was made by the presidents of the conference schools and reflected a concern for the health and safety of our student-athletes, staff and the surrounding communities of each school.”

Another concern is what the future will hold for spring sports. With the cancellation of winter sports, the future of spring sports appears to hold more rain than shine.

However, Koller and the conference schools continue to hold an optimistic view for the potentiality of spring sports.

“While the situation continues to be fluid, as of today the conference and its schools are moving forward with the intent of playing spring sports”, Koller remarked.

As many of you know, the fall sports season was scheduled to start their play during the winter months. It would be logical to assume that their season will be pushed back even further, possibly into the spring.

When asked about this possibility, Koller informed The Record that conference leadership has not yet discussed the future of fall sports.

The sport teams affected by this decision include men’s hockey, men and woman’s basketball, men and woman’s swimming and diving, and men and woman’s indoor track.

However, these teams will continue to practice in Buffalo State facilities starting on October 26.

Buffalo State Winter Sports took a huge sack on October 21, which unfortunately knocked them out of field goal range, costing them their season.

Covid-19 continues to obliterate all their opponents, having yet to lose a game. Quickly becoming the most hated in the league, Covid-19’s next matchup will be against Buffalo State Spring Sports in March of 2021.

Covid-19 enters this matchup as 6.5-point favorites.

More on this matchup to follow.