Group of young adults bring a safe creative space for art lovers

Nia Peeples, Staff Writer

Art appreciators and creators are welcome at Indigo Soul. The group of four young adults are giving the Buffalo area the creativity it desires.

They met through mutual friends at a creator’s pop up show and have been inseparable ever since.

They will have an upcoming event on Halloween, Saturday.

Emiah Williams, the group’s energy worker, expressed it will be at an art friendly venue with different art collections including various kinds of paint, new Merch from Indigo Soul, and local artist, Les Saint performing.

There will be a prize for best costume, open performances from other artists and music for everyone to enjoy.

On September 8th the group of friends went through William’s session of crystal healing, mediation, and yoga. They went on an expedition together and progressed spiritually. After talking about how difficult and unconnected they are as creators in Buffalo, the idea of Indigo Soul was born.

Their mission statement is, “To help and inspire the collective by hosting events where people can express themselves and be transparent,” according to Williams.

The same positive energy they have with each other is shared with the community through events.

Indigo soul is a common name in the spiritual community.

“It is a child who is heightened spiritually they are the outcast in a community,” Williams said.

Everyone loved the meaning and a connection to the name that perfectly defines the group.

Indigo Soul’s first event was on September 27, it was a mic night where they had food, art, clothing, and crystals for sale. Young adults gathered at Plug Hookah Lounge sharing sensual poetry, lively music, a comedy show, and dancing. Indigo Soul created a haven for everyone alike, with their “anything goes” open mic.

In the near future they hope to host holiday events for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In the next five years they plan to expand and hopefully do these events worldwide, give the world a taste of Indigo Soul and give them the ability to find like minded individuals in their own community.