Rise of Domestic Violence in 2020

Rifa Tasfia, Staff Writer

The New England Journal of Medicine has announced a pandemic within a pandemic as we have bent towards cybernation, a computerized form of life without any pathos or emotions. This eastern virus has triggered and brought upon a widespread of domestic violence.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), due to COVID, there was an increase of 10% of domestic violence in New York, a 22% increase in Oregon, an 18% increase in Texas, and a 27% increase in Alabama, compared to March 2019.

An employee of The International Institution of Buffalo–an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse-, Briana Nele stated,
“There is an increase of domestic abuse because couples have to stay secluded for months in tiny 500 square apartments. Living in such a  tight space with negligible money causes claustrophobia, quarrels, and anxiety.”

Nele believes that to decrease domestic violence; the victim has to call the institution as soon as possible.

“The victims have to consult with our advocates where they are instructed to take precautions,” Nele said. “Like packing their bags ahead of time or tell their most trusted neighbor a ‘code’ word. So that if anything arises in the house, they can text their reliable neighbor.

“If their partner/spouse locks them in the house, they have to make safeguards that the partner/spouse locks them downstairs so that they can easily climb down the window if anything happens.”

Nele explained, that each victim is instructed depending on the condition they are in and adds that there is a texting option on the institution’s hotline service webpage , so that the victim can reach instantly without their partner/spouse prying on them.

“Domestic Violence” is still a problem in 2020. It will continue if we only stand by as innocent bystanders.