Are you planning for Spring Break? Well, unpack your bags, it’s canceled.

Nia Peeples, Staff Writer

Everyone needs a vacation, but in Buffalo State Terms it’s a “Staycation”

Vice President for Academic Affairs of SUNY Buffalo State, Jim Mayrose, sent an email last week entailing they

“have decided to push back the start of the 2021 spring semester by one week and eliminate spring break.”

The spring semester will begin on Monday, February 1, and will end on Thursday, May 13. With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, students leaving campus to come back will spread the virus making our campus unsafe.

Senior at Buffalo State, Colby Jerome, understands our college is

“Simply trying to protect us. However, “15 weeks straight of online work is crazy”.

First-year sophomore, Issac Soyemi needs his time before finals to clear his head. He feels as if the school is too strict, but he recognizes the importance and accepts this new rule.

Spring break is the time for fun in between vigorous work and with classes online students are uneasy. This semester has been a tough one for all departments of Buffalo State, professors, and students.