The once lively campus of SUNY Buffalo State is now dead…or is it?


Photo by Yomira Meregildo

Nia Peeples, Staff Writer

The Student Union is now divided into lanes and you must complete a survey upon entry.
Campus fashion shows, dance performances, and parties are now a thing of the past due
to Covid-19.

Although campus activities are under turmoil, organizations are still coming back in a creative way.

Social media specifically, Instagram is a safe and effective way to reach out to students
on and off campus. Organizations are utilizing Zoom and GroupMe to hold auditions, meetings,
and give announcements.

Senior, Tatiana Slavadon, president of @buffstate_legacy says Covid has some perks.

Students had to hold tryouts and practice in the G-21 parking lot, due to the building’s
ventilation system not reaching Covid guidelines. She says that working outside allows her team
to get some fresh air and it is more comforting for beginners.

Currently, Legacy is working on a concept video that will be dropping soon.

President of Chapter Fota Phi Theta Fraternity, Charles Jhonson says due to Covid his
organization is becoming more active with their social media presents. They are still in the
process of figuring out next steps, but are working on how events can be virtual and still fun.

If you are looking for a party from this organization anytime soon, you will be left unsatisfied.

Joining organizations will be a little harder this year if you are not paying close attention.

Students, I urge you to check your emails. Follow these pages for updates and opportunities.
Do not be afraid to participate!

If you remain safe, clean, and use your face mask we can get through this year. Do not be afraid to ask questions, it is not too late to find something on
campus that suits you.