Being Creative in the Bengal Kitchen


Natalie Maloy/The Record

A french toast waffle.

Natalie Maloy, CURVED Editor

Lots of SUNY Buffalo State students who eat on campus every day often dread having to go to the kitchen. They complain there isn’t enough variety or it’s always the same every week.

Well what if I told you there was actually a big variety of food and it could always be different. All you have to do is be creative.

Here is a list of ways to keep your tummy satisfied in the kitchen this semester:

Breakfast Sandwiches! No not pre-made, hand made. Breakfast sandwiches aren’t just available while getting a to-go breakfast or in retail. Enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwich on your choice of bread, bagel or even a wrap in the kitchen.

In the morning there are always scrambled eggs, sausage and occasionally bacon. Toast your choice of bread or heat up the wrap on the waffle maker. Spread butter onto the sandwich first. Then make your way over to the breakfast station. Scoop the eggs and place them on the bottom bagel. Then grab the sausage or bacon if you’d like and place that on top of the egg. Next, go to the condiment section and add your choice of hot sauce or ketchup and then a dab of pepper. At this point your mouth should be watering.

Then grab the top of the bun and wallah! A delicious homemade breakfast sandwich.

Ever have a craving for pasta? But not the pasta the kitchen has? Well you can make your own pasta.

The pasta noodles are right by the drink station. All you have to do is grab a plate or bowl and scoop the plain noodles and place it on your dish. Then go over to the salad station and you have an abundance of choices to make your own pasta salad.

For example, use Italian dressing for your sauce. Then add tomatoes and pepperoni or olives. It makes a delicious cold pasta salad.

The moment we have all been waiting for…Chicken and waffles baby! The waffle maker is always available during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The days that the kitchen has chicken, just make yourself a waffle. Then head over to where they are serving chicken and then place it on top of your waffle. Add syrup and you’ve got some delicious chicken and waffles.

Nothing gets better than french toast in the morning. But what about a french toast waffle?

Grab a plate, two bowls and a fork. Fill one bowl with cinnamon and the next with milk. Then go over to the waffle station. Grab a slice of bread. Pour some milk onto the plate, add cinnamon and mix with the fork. Flip bread and repeat. Then pour waffle mix into a bowl, add more cinnamon, then mix with the fork again. Then pour the mix onto milked bread. Flip the bread then pour more mix. Finally, take the battered bread and put it into the waffle maker. Close the maker until it beeps. After it beeps, enjoy a french toast waffle.

If your having a sweet tooth, for dessert you can have a heated up browning in the waffle maker with vanilla ice cream. Or a cookie ice cream sandwich. Don’t hesitate to add multiple layers of ice cream to your dessert menu!

Dining gives you the opportunity to be creative. They give you the ingredients to make an excellent meal. Feel free to take these ideas and have a better experience in the kitchen for the rest of this semester. Or even make up your own ideas and share with your friends. Bonn appetite!