Next Door Neighbors: Buffalo State’s Partnership with Hotel Henry

Sarah Schreiber, Opinion Editor

The next stages of development for Hotel Henry were recently discussed, the meeting for this took place in the Bulger Communications building located on Buffalo State Campus.

Buffalo’s former psychiatric center as well as historical landmark opened back in 2017 – completing its first stage of development in the center buildings with a hotel, restaurant and bar, and lounge areas occupying this current space. Now, three years later Hotel Henry met with the community to unveil their further expansion plans for the 10 remaining buildings.

With Hotel Henry being neighbors to Buffalo State, students are offered the chance to have ‘hands on’ learning. Upon first opening, Hospitality and Tourism majors are given the chance to participate in experiential learning in which they would interview for these positions, given the chance to integrate with paid Hotel Henry staff and work alongside them in the Kitchen. This unique experience allows students to learn the ropes of catering, as well as the sales and marketing sides of business.

For the third and final stage of Development, Interior Design students in Eric Dolph’s class also helped create outlines for the 10 remaining buildings, some of which will be used in the final plan expected to be finished in 2022. When discussing plans and construction for the future sites, the students as well as investing companies had to keep the original architecture in mind, such as the wooden beams supporting many of the rooms giving the hotel its unique look.

Christine Krolewicz, the Assistant Project Manager for Hotel Henry encourages Buffalo State students to walk over and explore the hotel, which also happens to be a Historical Buffalo Landmark. ‘The hotel is open for everyone. We are constantly encouraging people to come and take a look, and stay awhile’ she says. The hotel has many amenities such as delicate lounge areas to do homework, a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, a bar for anyone 21+ and over as well as a rich history to investigate and learn about.