What is love to Buffalo State students?

Natalie Maloy, Curved Editor

SUNY Buffalo State students are making plans for Valentine’s Day.

The Record went around campus and asked students about love and what it means to them. Some have plans with their friends and others with their significant other.

Buffalo State senior Naveleen Ramirez’s take on love goes beyond just the romantic side of it.

“When I think of love it’s not just one thing for me it’s a variety,” Ramirez said. “Immediately what comes to mind is love for family, love for friends, love from past relationships and love for someone you are in a relationship with.”

Continuing with the meaning of love.

Senior Darce Darko and her husband plan on buying a heart-shaped pizza to celebrate the holiday.

“Instantly I think of my husband, my family and people who are close to me,” senior Darce Darko said.

The Record also asked, “if you were hired by the Urban dictionary to make a new definition of love in just a couple of words what would it be?”

Ramirez answered, “my definition would be more toward love is defined by your own experiences.”

Multiple other words were used by students to make up a new definition. Such as, unconditional, supportive or ignoring your partner’s flaws and considering them beautiful.

College students can be in love too. When in school, relationships are difficult but can be done. In some cases you can even meet the love of your life during your college experience.

Emily Montes says she hasn’t found love yet but is happy and content with where she is now. She’s open to finding love whenever the right person comes along.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show love not only for your significant other but also to your friends and family. The big V-Day isn’t all about diamonds and gifts though. It could be spent just laying around enjoying each other’s company.

Montes plans to spend Valentine’s Day with her friends.

“My friends and I plan on having what we call a “Gal-entines Day.” Montes says. “Were having lots of wine, ordering Chinese food and doing puzzles! I think it’s better than trying to find someone and dress up, I’d rather be in my PJs.”