SUNY Buffalo State makes the transfer process easy for incoming students

Evan Atkins, Opinion Writer

Transferring to a new college or university can be very stressful. To the more than one-third of college students who transfer, doing so can be a daunting task. However, SUNY Buffalo State has a streamlined transfer process, making it easy for new students to acclimate and succeed.

There are many reasons students decide to transfer, but the effects of the change can have an impact on a student’s academic success for years to come.

When transferring to a new school, there are several adjustments students have to make such as: conforming to a new schedule, meeting new people, learning a new campus and culture, transferring credits and adapting to new teaching philosophies.

Buffalo State has made it easy for me to overcome these particular challenges. The application and transferring process are combined into three easy and straightforward steps on the school’s website. They place all the necessary information in an easily accessible place, greatly simplifying the process and reducing any risk of confusion.

“The transfer process was pretty simple for me,” said Amber, a junior who transferred to Buffalo State from Niagara County Community College in Fall 2019. “I didn’t really have to adjust (to the culture).”

To help overcome cultural differences between schools, the entire Buffalo State College campus has adopted an “ask anyone for help” attitude. In other words, all faculty members and returning students have a duty to make sure new students succeed academically and shift smoothly into their new college life.

From the presented information, advice, and support given at orientations to transfer students, I believe that Buffalo State makes it easy to adapt and succeed quickly after transferring.