“What Happened?”


Shavonne Pucula, News Editor

It’s the year 2020
Chaos and destruction have taken over
Our homes’ murderers are on top
We’ve let them take control
Over our life
Over our home
Over our minds

The end has begun
And it’s too late to turn back
The luscious greens, yellows, blues and reds
are going to disappear in an eyes blink
The animals we have grown to love
are now endangered due to the money hunger

What happened?

It’s the year 2080
There is no more fresh air
The animals are dead
And so are the waters and the trees
Every man for themselves
Yet no man can survive alone

What happened?

It’s the year 3020
The human population is endangered
Our home holds shades of black, grey, white, and brown only
Mother nature has tried her best to take over
But the air is so toxic
She has failed

What happened?

It’s the year 4030 and now and only now
After the 100th anniversary of the human extinction
Have we realized our mistakes

In another 2000 years
The earth will finally recover from our destruction.

What happened?
We let them take over.