Megan Makowski, Reporter

I look in the mirror
And I hate what I see.
I have these feelings
But I let them be.

I don’t like myself
But what can I say?
These feelings won’t leave
No matter how I pray.

I wish I were pretty;
I wish I were thin;
I wish I were normal
But I hate my skin.

Baggy clothes hide body fat;
Gym teachers yell as I huff and pant;
Sisters tease and point out flaws;
But what can I do except rant?

These feelings I have
Torment me so.
But what can I do
Besides go with the flow?

Flurries of doctors,
Yet no answers.
Am I just crazy?
Hey, it’s not cancer!

So many issues
That adds to the mix.
But at least there’s proof;
There’s at least six!

Now I have answers,
There’s a reason for being.
I am who I am,
I am decreeing.

I’m starting to get better;
I’m trying my best.
It’s really hard though;
I’m put to the test.

Each day I look in the mirror
And tell myself I matter.
I remind myself I’m worth it,
I just have to ignore the chatter.

They can berate me;
They can laugh and sneer,
But it doesn’t matter because
I love myself, that I’ve made clear.