Carnival coming back to Buffalo State this year

Sarah Schreiber, Reporter

SUNY Buffalo State is celebrating Homecoming with a week full of fun-filled activities for everyone including students, friends, family and alumni, including the popular Carnival, which the United Students Government (USG) announced is going to be brought back.

The USG Carnival will take place on Friday from 5-9 p.m. and will be located at Lot R-14.

This carnival will be equipped with everything people know and love about carnivals such as food, games and rides.

USG carnival is open to everyone. Buffalo State students will have to sign in through Corq App – the new events app, and non-students will have to provide their email address for entrance.

The carnival was one of the most memorable events for Homecoming when I was a freshman,” said USG AVP for Campus Programming Alexus Larkin, who was filled with nostalgia. “I believe this event brings out most of the community. I know this is an event that everyone has been looking forward to coming back since 2016. A lot of students are happy and excited for its return this weekend.”

The carnival will commence after the Bengal March which goes from 4-5 p.m. and will lead students, organizations as well as faculty members around the campus back to Lot R-14 for the carnival. Students are also welcomed and encouraged to participate in the march. This event will be free with everything provided by USG.