Welcome to Buffalo State, where the early bird gets the parking spot and the next gets a ticket

Natalie Maloy, Staff Writer


The dreaded event every SUNY Buffalo State student current and past loves to complain about. 

As seen in the ticket below, there is no violation listed. Try reading it. There is no indication of a violation. And look even closer, it’s the office copy! Whoever wrote this was a rookie.  

There are so many parking spots at Buffalo State yet so little room. There are more students then staff yet there are more lots for staff. Why? 

I’m assuming the worst, it’s either they don’t care, or their math is off. Is the safety of staff more important than the students? 

Especially for the incoming freshmen. Why is there not a flyer or an email given out for the parking lots you are able to park in at the beginning of the semester? That email could inform us about the rules and regulations of parking. They can send us an email about crime happening on campus, but not an update on parking rules? 

Gabrielle Elizabeth, a senior at Buffalo State, says she doesn’t feel safe on campus due to where she has to park every day.

I live off-campus, so I drive into school for class every day,” Elizabeth said. “I always get to school around 9:30ish and get the bad parking spots way far on campus. I walk back sometimes around 5 p.m. after classes and I’m always scared I’ll get jumped or something, as there is a lot going on around the campus with criminal activity. The blue buttons are useless, and I feel like the campus doesn’t even feel safe anymore.”

Elizabeth then went on explaining that she wanted an escort back to her car one night. She called UPD, waited a half an hour, and no one came! There excuse was, “we are on changing shifts, so it’s difficult to get there.” How ridiculous! 

Truthfully there should be an actual security guard at each parking lot. Where there is a box they sit in. Therefore, he/she can visually see where that person parked and inform them if they are parked in the wrong lot. He/she could also keep an eye out for suspicious activity.   

Sometimes it seems they want to ticket you. They want your money because it goes back to the state and basically is their paycheck.

If UPD wants your money so bad then how about they show the violation clearly. Sign the ticket professionally and not like your signing a printed-out credit card slip. Start to write in a legible font with a professional blue or black pen and not a pencil. It’s not too much to ask right? If you are given a ticket it’s only fair to know what the violation is. 

These are the problems that the Buffalo State parking services and UPD needs to start handling. Or the Buffalo State courtroom will have a waiting list.

You messed with the wrong student! See you in court.