The Herd: Dope City Kid, Veterans of the pop-punk scene


Courtesy of Dope City Kid

Zachary Lewis, Music Writer

Veterans of the pop-punk scene, Dope City Kid are tearing it up in Buffalo! Pop-Soul-Punk Fusion is their creative take on the classics of punk and pop-punk mixed with soul-inspired ska-hearted riffs. You’ll have the uncontrollable urge to dance like crazy at a show. Immediately following the encore you’ll proceed comment on the drummer’s powerhouse performance.

Wade Miesowicz, the drummer of Dope City Kid, is intense on a kit. His style resembles that of Travis Barkers. Wade started learning the drums when he was three with pots and pans jamming to his parent’s polka music then got his first kit at age five. It was game over after he discovered the treasure trove of pop-punk music, Blink-182.   

Fronting Dope City Kid we have a lead vocalist and bassist Matt Schultz. Matt knows how to lay down sick grooves and strong vocals. You can hear the influence of Blink 182, New Found Glory and other pop-punk legends in his vocal tonality and style. The Blink tattoo on his arm boosts his pop-punk power level by 10%.                                                                                             

Geoff Grey, the lead guitarist, and featured on vocals, was raised on classic rock and country music finding his own style later on as a teen. His main influencers are The Beatles and Green Day specifically the album “Dookie.” His take on these styles is quite interesting and a riot to hear in live performance.  

Nick  Wierzbicki is rhythm guitarist and the newest addition to the band. Since Nick was a young teen all he wanted was to be in a band. Growing up he jammed to The Lawrence Arms, New Found Glory, and Rancid. His skills and style resemble those of Chris McCaughan from The Lawrence Arms and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid.

Most of the music was written by Matt and Geoff. Each of them will come to practice with a song about 75% done and work the rest out together.

Matt and Wade have been best friends since 9th grade and have played music together in other bands almost just as long. Matt, Wade & Geoff are the founding members of Dope City Kid.

“Music is a nice gift to have and being able to play with friends is a blessing,” said Wierzbicki.

What Dope City Kid did right was gather a handful of well-experienced musicians able to create amazing well-rehearsed pop punk music. All of the members came from previous bands with valuable lessons in writing and performing.

Give a listen to their album “Flatline The Mindset” and you’ll hear all their hard work and years of experience in the scene.

Dope City Kid is motivated through sheer enjoyment and the satisfaction of seeing friends have a great time. All of the guys are a pleasure to be around and talk to after the show. Whether it’s a small bar gig or a lit-up stage in front of 500 people they give it 110%.
“People put in hard work to create great things, we just want to share that idea and have fun in the process” -Dope City Kid.  

If you’re in the area you can catch a show at Stamps in North Tonawanda or Mohawk Place in the City of Buffalo.

If they could play anywhere with anyone Matt chose Japan with Blink-182. Wade would jam with The Offspring or Blink literally anywhere in the world, Geoff chose the Red Rock Amphitheater with New Found Glory, and  Nick chose Green Day in Australia.

Currently, Dope City Kid works without a label but has an interest in one. Their first album was recorded in 2017. They wanted to leave a bit of advice for younger bands in the come up. “Have fun and live up to your own expectations” and also “Listen to Dope City Kid, just kidding!” jokes Schultz

There is a new album in the works and a music video for their song “This Isn’t Where I Parked My Car,” which will soon to be available across multiple platforms.

You can find them on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and their website

Catch you at the next show!