Chick-fil-A coming to Buffalo State dining hall


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The Wreckard Staff

Director of retail dining at Buffalo State, Joseph Krauss, announced yesterday that Chick-fil-A will be taking the place of retail’s Chicken Spot in Chartwell’s this fall.

The recent abort of plans for a Chick-fil-A vendor in the Buffalo Niagara International Airport has opened new opportunities for the growing popular fast-food chain, to which Buffalo State retail dining have seized.

The timeline for the construction of the fried chicken sensation was discussed last week at a Chartwells meeting. Construction of the company’s third Western New York location will begin this May upon request of Dining at Buffalo State after the immediate departure of Chicken Spot.

Campus dietician Elizabeth Miller stated that a Chick-fil-A vendor will be an excellent addition to Buffalo State’s retail selection in providing students with a healthy high-protein option.

The vendor plans to open on the first day of classes for the 2019 fall semester. The company also announced near-future plans to seek out retail at the State University of New York at Buffalo as well.

The news isn’t fake… but today it is. This story is a part of our annual April Fool’s coverage, The Wreckard. It’s not true. It’s not factual. It’s all in good fun.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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