USG News and Notes: SpringFest, rowing and elections

Dylan Sleight, Associate News Editor

Session Opens: 8:54 P.M. 3/19/19

Tonight attitudes were lighter than many weeks at USG. Eboard members, senators, and assemblymen alike were dressed down in preparation for next week’s highly anticipated spring break.

New elects, including this year’s President Elect, Gaelle Jean-Baptiste, were present to jump in and get their feet wet in their new jobs.

President Joseph Cicatello called the meeting to order at 8:54 P.M. Executive Vice President Malik Nelson encouraged senators to attend club, GI, and org meeting “to better understand what organization are using their budgets for.”

Associate Vice President Alexus Larkin encouraged senators to do the same.

“I was in your place last year,” says Larkin. “Don’t vote just to vote… it’s pointless if you don’t know what you’re voting for.”

Bill #5 was brought to attention for a vote. The bill states no club, gi, or org, under the jurisdiction of USG will receive a budget over $30-thousand, the previous cap was set at $35-thousand. The bill passed unanimously.

Treasurer Gboloo pushed the bill, her hope to use the additional fund in the budget to be reallocated towards expanding the shuttle bus program.

“We want to make sure students who live campus get home safely,” said Gboloo. “We want to prevent all thefts, potential rapes, od dangers, or anything like that.”

The executive board reminded all present USG members that they were required to perform community service before the semester’s end.

The executive board continued Unfinished Business. Pushing senators on the state of campus’ most anticipated event, SpringFest. The senators are pleased to say SpringFest is well underway and they will be announcing a detailed schedule of events as well as performers as soon as all contracts between the school and performers are finalized. The performers will be announced in the next few weeks.

Going into New Business, the primary concern from USG was finalizing elections and electee training for all student organization reiterating previous statements about senators using their free time to attend meetings of clubs and organizations.

“We need to check up on orgs and G.I’s make sure their e-boards are doing okay bringing in new students,” says Nelson “We’ve had problems with that, all around, letting newer students know what’s going on around campus.”

Conclude: 9:27 P.M. 3/19/19
Executive Vice President Malik Nelson report:
Election results are due for USG, April 5
Budget returns due by friday, before break.

AVP Larkin took the floor during Unfinished Business informing the government of their finalized event schedule for April

April 3: Movie Night: Spider-Man Homecoming
April 9: Org. Meeting
April 10: Gi Meeting
April 15: Open Mic Night @ Barnes & Noble (Campbell Student Union)
April 18: Game Night

Meeting Start: 8:56 P.M. 3/12/19

It was a busy Tuesday night at USG. In the peak of elections, there was a lot on the agenda: an anticipated vote on legitimizing the Buffalo State Rowing Club, concern over the Mandatory Student Activity Fee And and a moderate crowd attending in the gallery.

The Rowing Club was the first major vote, a large number of the club was in attendance, including most of the ranking members, and coaches. Looking to be recognized as a formal club by USG, which would allow them to receive legitimate status with the college, as well as an official budget, to help provide the club with expenses.

The club was first formed in 1966 but was terminated in 1977 after it’s equipment house burnt down. The club is now with 25 athletes, who pay out of pocket for their coaching, travel, and regatta fees. They are reseeking official club status from USG.

Since their reforming, the rowers have ranked in the Head of Genesee Regatta in Rochester and The Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Pennsylvania. They’ve featured spots in the local news, and beat schools like Duke and Penn State in their men’s four.

“It’s been a long time since Buff State beat Penn State,” said Dwayne Marsh.

USG heard the clubs appeal. The club was then asked to leave the gallery, as per a rather strange tradition, while USG held their vote. The government voted in favor of the clubs recognition with 20 in favor and three abstentions.

USG then moved onto a survey for proposed changes in meal plan pricing and dining hall facility hour, as a result of the recent increase in minimum wage by the state.

There were talks from Speaker Mauk and the eboard about possible changes to the options available in the union.

“Salsarita’s is on the chopping block,” said Mauk. “We’ve been looking to put in something new… possibly a Moe’s.”

Scott Benedict, a coordinator for the USG elections, spoke, encouraging all members of USG to talk to clubs, organizations and their eboards about helping to push the mandatory student activity fee, which was up for referendum this year. The fee pays for all student clubs and organizations, as well as the campus shuttle bus, spring fest and many others student services.

“Do you guys know you get a free NYT subscription being a Buff State student?” asked Benedict “That’s your student activity fee. There’s a lot of students voting for it (mandatory), which is good, but a lot of others are just leaving that part of the ballot blank.

After this, they went into a private executive session to further discuss strategy for promoting the mandatory vote. The gallery was asked to leave, and the meeting concluded after.


Bill #4 was approved. It changed the mandatory amount of USG senators from 24 to 20, USG has had problems meeting the mandatory minimum of senators for a while. Shrinking by dramatically from the government’s former size, this time last year.

Bill ##, was also approved, which changed the final date for election results to April 5.

Senator Malaysia Brown-Cruel, was appointed senator of the month by the eboard after the appointment vote.


Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed the quote about the Rowing Club-USG recognition to Daniel Mashanic, not Dwayne Marsh