Ideas on how to enjoy, or at least survive, the rest of winter


Winter isn’t over, yet. But it’s okay. We have a few ideas for you.

Johnathan Ciolek, Reporter

As the spring semester commenced, students sat in eerie dorm rooms as weather dominated the outdoors.

Looking out the frost-covered windows, gloom and depression filled the hearts of many, for there was no hope of enjoying the harsh winter snow.

Many students become sloths and dare not to leave the tranquil environment of their rooms to stay active. They merely lay there and stare at the bland ceiling reminiscing on what it felt like to have the blazing sunshine upon their skin and grant them warmth while they run through the park or play in the field.

Bundled up within soft polyester blankets, students sit lifeless with a bowl of snacks beside them and the white noise of Netflix playing in the background.

While it may seem much easier to stay inside and let the brutal snow win, there are loopholes to beat winter at its own game. While on campus, students have access to a variety of resources to help them stay in shape and stay physically active despite the cruel weather.

There is something to do for every student on campus. The most common option for students is to go to the fitness center.

A main concern of people who want to hit the gym is how much it will cost. Luckily, the fitness center on campus, located in Houston Gym, is free for all Buffalo State students.

If students are looking for that a little guidance on what to work on, they can pay for individual training sessions.

For some, the gym can look intimidating to start off, especially if it is their first time going. There is no need to worry because students have other options on campus to stay in shape.

While not everyone has the same athletic ability as college athletes, Buffalo State has a variety of club sports for students to partake in.

For example, Buffalo State has a men’s and women’s rugby team that practices inside while the weather does not permit outdoor play. The benefits, compared to collegiate level sports, is that students do not need prior experience to play rugby and anyone is able to join. In addition, there is a position for literally everybody on the rugby field.

Zachary Edwards is the coach of the men’s team and believes that although rugby may seem difficult, it is very rewarding.

“Rugby is the one of those sports that can be physically demanding at times,” he said. “It really motivates you and makes you push yourself to achieve things you didn’t think you could do.”

Coach Edwards preaches at practices that you must push yourself to see the results you want. He believes if you’re not tired at the end of a workout, then you are not giving it your all.

If you are searching for something a little more physically demanding, then definitely give rugby a try. If not, there are other alternatives. For example, there are other activities on campus, such as yoga, basketball in the Houston Gym, and intramural events that happen throughout the semester.

Looking out the window does not have to be so depressing in the winter. The snow can never stop students from staying active and in shape.

The flowering spring season will be here before we know it. By not letting winter win, students can have a jump start on their fitness for when the blazing sun shines its face again.