CURVED: The Curse of Hera

Ariel Frazer, CURVED Editor

Part One

Living as time moved on was never easy, as people around me grew older I just stayed the same. Moving every few years or so, then always coming back after a couple decades when the people I had once knew were gone. Sad, yes but it is what I had to do. Seeing cities rise and eventually fall, watching as once great empires crumble. Going undercover, changing my name if I needed to, if I didn’t I would just say that it’s a family name from how old it was. Things were going well this morning, until I got put into this little grey box of a room. That is when a man wearing a suit walked in holding a manila folder. He slammed the folder down as he took a seat on the other side of the small metal table. Opening the folder, he then took out a couple of pictures that varied in age, and all of them where of me.

“Just what the hell are you?” He asked

“Well wouldn’t you like to know.” I said with a smirk on my lips. Looking down at the photos I saw that each of them had a year on it going far back as 1920. “Hmph, you don’t even have all of them. What a pity.” I sighed pretending to be sad. The man just glared at me before asking

“What are you.”

“If I tell you, I’ll just have to kill you and I’m pretty sure your family wouldn’t be happy about that. So why don’t you just let me go. I’ve been living peacefully for so many years now that I’d just hate to watch this beautiful city fall.”

“You’re absolutely insane!”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” I shrugged not really caring what this guy thought, it wouldn’t matter anyways. “Now, if you don’t have any crimes against me I believe I am free to go, no?” He let out an angry huff before nodding, smirking again I got up off the chair and left the room. They don’t nearly have enough on me to try and get me into one of their petty little labs, they would need centuries of work in order to do that and I’ve only been in America since 1910. Ten years before the oldest picture that they have of me.

The story of my life is a long and possibly boring one. Even more so if you know the tale of Pandora’s Box. Before you ask no, I am not Pandora the idiot was my little sister. When she opened that damned box that Zeus gave her I was cursed to live until even after time ends, curtsy of Hera of course. I was seventeen at the time when it happened, I stopped aging once I hit twenty-five. Like I said, they don’t nearly have enough on me to do any sort of lab tests. I could just make the building fall and be able to get out without a scratch on me.  It would be just that simple, it normally was that simple. Then again that was before the technology that we have now. Things were much simpler back then, but time has made me cold and closed off. If I wanted to get away with something I easily could, and I have multiple times.

“I know you’re following me kid, you can stop now.”

“I’m sorry miss, but I can’t do that. Captains orders.”

“Very well, come on then.” I sighed knowing I wouldn’t be able to lose him very easily right now.

“Was it really you in those photos?”

“Maybe, maybe not. My family could just be full of doppelgangers, you would never know. Ah ha, here we are.” I said as we came to this little hole in the wall of a Greek Diner.

“You like Greek food?”

“What Greek doesn’t like Greek food? And that is all that you are ever going to know about me.” That is when I heard the chef yelling in Greek causing me to laugh. “Cristos, calm down it is just me.” I shouted in Greek causing him to come out of the kitchen.

“Ah, Trouble you are back for some good food no?”

“Good food, you mean the best food that could remind anyone of home?” I normally wasn’t this kind, but Cristos has been the only person I would remotely consider family at this point, and that is saying something.

“Adrasteia, is everything alright?” Cristos had asked in English.

“I am fine, though I feel I may possibly have to leave town after this.” I had said, I needed to lose kid first though, or else trying to get back to my apartment would be next to impossible. I tried to come up with who knows how many plans as the kid and I sat down.

“So kid, tell me about yourself.”

To Be Continued…