Know who you’re voting for: Here’s who’s running for USG this year


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Gaelle Jean Baptiste — “My name is Gaelle Jean Baptiste I am currently a junior here at Buffalo State College studying sociology. I present myself before you with hopes of becoming the President of the United Students Government. I would like to say that if granted the opportunity, I will showcase the utmost commitment to not only the United Students Government, but to the student body of Buffalo State. I understand that with this position comes a lot of responsibility.

I want to apply my personal skills to this position by being the bridge that connects student organizations, faculty, and the student body. I feel that I am at a true advantage because I understand the desires of our students. With being the President, I will be able to share issues with you all and strategize ways to implement solutions.? Being the President of the NAACP has given me the experience to exercise my voice and ideas to enhance our academic, social, and student life here on campus. I have been a part of this organization for almost two years and have learned so many things. I have also been extremely involved on and off of campus, I have seen things in many different perspectives and can communicate ideas and different suggestions between groups. In addition, to serving as a senator on the 41st Legislature, I am aware of the internals and externals procedures of the checks and balances between organizations. At the time, I served on the Food Service Committee, Campus Affairs and Government Relations Committee and the Senator Retention Committee. I am also an active member of different organizations on campus; along with being a part of CSTEP and the Compass Student Success Academy.?

As stated before, I am willing to conduct any search for solutions to improve the student experience here. I have strengths that I will bring to the 43rd Legislature that I have acquired over the years. I am extremely organized, enthusiastic, trustworthy, determined, and respectful. While working on my weaknesses and enforcing my strengths, I’ll be able to contribute to empowering the minds of not only the members of the United Students Government, but also the people on the outside looking in. My goal if elected President, as cliche as it sounds, is to fight for what the students need. I am a huge advocate for students being heard. I plan to use my presidency to communicate concerns and work with administration to improve the student life experience. I truly feel that my purpose is to make the lives of others better. Words are only so much, but I hope you grant me the opportunity to be a part of the next legislature in order to truly take action. Thank you all for your time.”

Executive Vice President:

Chyna Richards — “My name is Chyna Richards and I am currently on the United Students Government as the Rules and Regulations Chair. I have been on USG for 2 years and last year I was seated as Senator. Being heavily involved in the Senate just made me want to be more engaged and now being the Rules Chair, it is time for me to face a new challenge.

For the 2019-2020 academic year I am taking the steps to run for the Executive Vice President and College Council. Over the past 2 years, I have been able to watch our student government form and change with two different eboards as well as becoming a part of one. When I was a Senator I told myself that I was going to make a bigger impact on the Buffalo State student body. Every year there is room for improvement and change. Being the Rules and Regulations Chair gave me the opportunity to have a more hands on with the organizations and help them with problems they needed to be solved. I am qualified for these positions because I am open minded to all ideas and moving forward instead holding onto the past. I have created connections and relationships that can help us succeed and reach goals that benefits everyone including all student organizations.

When I personally take on a task, I do everything in my power to make sure it gets done. Being a part of an executive board you learn more about yourself and what things you want to see happen differently and I am ready for the challenge. Next year, I am hoping that we keep working towards unity, collaboration and building stronger relationships. We are all students and deserve to have to best college experience. I should be elected because I have started from the bottom as a Senator, to try and take the proper steps in being the best Rules Chair for the 2018-2019 academic year and next I am hoping you guys will vote for me as your Executive Vice President.”


Tiffany Easy — “My name is Tiffany Easy, and I am currently a junior here at Buffalo State. My major is psychology. Please accept this as my letter of intent for the position of Treasurer for the United Students Government. I truly believe the mission of the United Students Government is to help make the Buffalo State Experience more enjoyable. I also believe that I would be a great candidate to represent and fulfill the duties that the role requires. From helping my fellow executive board members to fulfilling the responsibilities of my individual role such as presenting an annual budget to the senate, handling mandatory budget meetings with the treasurers of United Students Government funded organizations, and keeping the e-boards and members of the United Students Government funded organizations updated on their budget. I understand the demands of this position, and I am more than happy and ready to fulfill them.

My sophomore year I was a part of United Students Government and it was a great experience and I gained knowledge I would not be able to gain anywhere else. It’s an organization that is entirely ran for students by the students. I believe that with the time I served on the USG I have obtained the knowledge to fully understand the purpose of the United Students Government. The United Students Government is there to help us as students cope with the stress of our coursework with different events such as movie night, destress fest, paint night and so much more. While also keeping students entertained with springfest, carnivals, programs and GI’s. Without the United Students Government, a lot of the events that happen on campus wouldn’t take place without the funding they give to all of the organizations many things would not be possible. I want to be a part of a positive change and I believe the United Students Governments is the place to start.

Being the President of PULSE has opened my eyes to the hardships that some of the small but impactful organization have to deal with. These organizations do not have a lot of funding therefore it is harder for events to be properly executed. I want to be a part of the solution that helps every single organization big or small. With this I hope that you accept me as your 2019-2020 United Students Government Treasurer so we can work together and get things done.”

AVP for Academic Affairs:

Asia Brown –- “My name is Asia Brown, I am Junior and a Psychology Major here at Buffalo State College. For the past semester, I have been a Senator on United Students Government on the 42nd Legislature. Being closely involved has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am very intrigued to take on a new challenge with being more engaged with United Students Government.

For the upcoming academic year 2019-2020, I am fully taking the steps to run for the executive position for AVP of Academic Affairs. Furthermore, being on United Students Government has given great opportunity to impact of the organization in connection with the student body of Buffalo State Campus. I have taken apart of promotion of events, clean up/ set up of events or speaking directly with student body during events. Over the past few months, I have been able to see growth with the E-Board with wanting to create a change for the better, and I strive to be a part of the growth. I believe I am qualified for this position because top three strengths are great time management, incredible creativity, and huge determination.

I believe time management is an important factor in the professional world. Time management is something that I’ve developed and accomplished as it has been an effective aspect of my work ethic. Time management has helped create an organized mentality, strong productiveness and along with applying a positive attitude. Having creativity brings out the diversity of thought and being able to apply ideas. Creativity is a way to think outside of the box, which is a great strength to have because it expresses originality. Lastly, determination has helped me maintain the ability to pursue and accomplish my goals while pursuing them with gratitude and positive attitude. I believe with my strengths and apply is for the position of AVP Academic Affairs. Next year, I hope to fulfill the goals for this position while building bonds with each organizations. I also want to be able to contribute and connect to the organization and student body. I believe that this is a great opportunity to better my college experience and network with peers with contributing to the organization. I hope you guys will see me as a great fit for AVP Academic Affairs.

AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations

Diana Delmonte Bido –- “My name is Diana Delmonte Bido and I am a Junior with a major in Social Work and minors in Art Therapy and Hospitality Administration. I am currently on the United Students Government as a Senator on the 42nd Legislation. I have been on USG for a few months now and I have been extremely involved with the Senate and Executive Board which have encouraged me to run for AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Over these past few months, I have worked with the Executive Board and other Senators to help with the events that have been hosted. I have taken part in clean up/set up for events, promoting, assisting in making sure events are running smoothly and more. Everything I have done as a Senator has helped me grow as a person and build my professional characteristics such as organization, accountability, and more. While on USG, I have had the pleasure to be placed in the committee of the current AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations and have been working closely with her in ensuring that all of the duties are being accomplished. She has guided me in ensuring that I have knowledge about everything that her job entails. Within these past months have learned how to find information about organizations through Bengal Connect, how to decipher if the information that was given is valid information, and how to formulate meetings for the organizations that USG funds. As AVP of Campus Affairs and Government Relations, you work as the liaison between the organizations and USG and I feel as if I would do an amazing job doing that because I have seen the current AVP do it first-hand. With being able to see how she completes her duties, I am confident that I would be able to come in next academic year and take everything that she has taught me and be the best that I can be. I hope you all will vote for me as your AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations.

AVP for Campus Programming

Alexus Larkin — “My name is Alexus Larkin and I will be a senior next year. In this election, I am running for United Student Government Vice President for Campus Programming. I have been a part of the United Student Government for two years now. I started as an active senator in my sophomore year. During my term as a senator, I was selected for Senator of The Month. My sophomore year was a huge learning opportunity for me as I was gaining experience in campus involvement through student organizations. I was a part of the Rules and Regulations committee, and I took initiative to shadow our previous AVP of Campus Programming, Shenell Renwick, because of the interest I had in this position. Now, I am in my junior year and I am currently holding the position of AVP of Campus Programming.

My goal coming into this position as a upcoming junior was to promote unity. I wanted to work on as many collaborations as possible with the student organizations on campus. I noticed that many organizations were spending a lot of money on events that other orgs were also holding in the same semester. We all know that it takes money to put on these events, so I thought it would be best if I could promote helping one another and collaborations. I used my platform to promote unity by reaching out to student organizations for our Paint Night series. I also used our resources on campus such as WBNY and Student Leadership and Engagement. I also had the opportunity to organize a number of events that had a great turn out. Just a few to list would be STOMP, USG Fair, Power of Pink Fashion Show, and Halloween BOO! Bash.

This opportunity of being a part of an executive board taught me a lot about teamwork. I also have a better understanding of how our campus functions on the day-to-day basis. It honestly takes a whole to team to make sure that our Buffalo State tradition stays alive. With that being said, I would like to help everyone realize that the student body is a part of this team. Without our student body, we would know how to represent the culture of Buffalo State.

AVP for Public Relations

Jennifer Mauk — “My name is Jennie Mauk, I am currently the USG Speaker Pro Tempore, but I am running for AVP for Public Relations because of the opportunities provided for working with our affiliated organizations. With experience in photography and graphic design I am positive I can effectively take over this role on the executive board. Social media is the most effective form of communication, and this position will provide me with the resources to create the best platforms for promotion. I currently serve on the honors social media team to recognize honors events, and the honors organization as a whole. If elected, I will strive to maximize communication and promotion of all campus deadlines and events. Working with the Public Relations committee and Press Services, organizations are guaranteed the marketing and promotion they need to effectively run their own events.


Diana Delmonte Bido

Brittany Boakye — 

Asia Brown

Sherice Carter — “I was fortunate enough to serve on the 42nd legislature of The United Students Government. I’ve recently held the position of senator; the duties I fulfill was to assist my fellow e-board members run multiple events for the student body. A few of those events included Stomp, Paint Nights, and The Power of Pink Fashion show.

In addition to, working these events I also sat on the budget committee. I helped the treasurer with reimbursements and budgeting for the organizations on campus. I believe if I was to get reelected as senator I will be able to bring my current expertise on budgeting to the next committee, will also being helpful to my fellow senators and executive board members.”

Ryan Hopkins — “Hey there, my fellow Buffalo State Bengals. My name is Ryan Hopkins, and I am interested in a position on the College Senate. I could sit here and list off all of my “qualifications” for this position, but I am not going to. Firstly, I believe most of you don’t care about who I was or what I did in the past. More importantly, though, why should this platform statement be about me to begin with? The entire purpose of the senate on this campus, is to represent you. The students. Everyone out there reading these platform statements spend so much time learning about us, the candidates. Why is that? In reality it should be reversed. Our ideals? Our goals? Such things shouldn’t matter when the entire positions purpose is to ensure a smooth-running campus for all. Even if I went into most of that, all you would be seeing is me at my absolute best. Bragging about past accomplishments, like that somehow makes me better than anyone else running. It’s an ironic illusion, because never once during these things do candidates admit their weaknesses, something you all should know about. I for one am not the best public speaker. If I were to be elected to the position, I would honestly only have two main goals. The first goal would be a higher level of student representation and service. I would get out there, and try to find out what it is you, the student body both want and need. My second goal would be to ensure a level of fairness and logicality goes into the decision-making process of the of college senate. I decided to run for this position because I think it truly is a great way to help make change. A means to an end if you will. The college senate has both the power to create and destroy. The power to both set the rules and changes the rules. Budget, College Curriculum, standard for admission and much more are all in part determined by the college senate. Those serving on the senate should be more then willing to serve and adhere to the needs of others. I believe that if elected, I can do just that! There is nothing too elaborate here. My goal is simple, and my message is clear. To my fellow students running for the same position as I, I wish you all the best. To the voters out there, I hope you give me the chance to serve along side them.”

Lakeram Jiaram — “My name is Lakeram, and I am seeking office of a Senator. I am a Junior majoring in Individualized Studies and minors in Psychology and Chemistry here at Buffalo State. Studying in the medical field and as someone who aspired to go to medical school by next year I know that it is my duty and responsibility to help others around me. This is one of the reasons I decided to join the USG family. Another reason is that I also served in my High School Student Body Government, so I know that leadership, communication, and socializing are very important in a position such as a senator. I am also a Student Ambassador for Buffalo State so that’s where I get to showcase our amazing campus and opportunities to the families and newly incoming students.

My main reason to join this organization is that when I was a freshman I had no idea what USG was, I didn’t even know that we have senators apart of it. What drew my attention the most to USG was their main agenda, which was creating events so that the students here can socialize, network, make new friends, meet new people and communicate with one another and that’s what i did when i attended a few of those events, as well as what I did this past year as a senator for the 42nd legislature. I want to be that person to explain it to anyone that is just confused like I was. I want them to get involved, speak out because their voice matters, and I want to be that person that is going to listen and do my best to address their concerns. I want to be able to help as much as I can so in the end I know that we created something that brought the buff state community together. I am a hard worker, I always go after my goals, and I’m always thinking positive.

I hope that with my voice and my work ethics I can join this family once more so we can continue work on making buffalo state stay just as amazing as it already is! Thank You!”

Alexus Larkin

Jennifer Mauk

Emely Puello-Ramirez — “My name is Emely Puello-Ramirez and my desired office is the senate. The qualifications I have for this position include being a part of an executive board and the senate during the fall semester of 2018. If elected I wish to contribute more of my time and dedication to USG by helping to plan and organize more entertaining events for the student body and getting more people to participate. I should be elected for this position because I have put in a lot of hard work and time into events and community service into this even before I became a senator.

I decided to run because I genuinely enjoyed being a part of the United Students Government and I would love to continue to contribute to it. Lastly, an idea that I have for the upcoming semesters is having more programs and events to unite the commuters with the students who dorm because I feel as though more of those who live on campus attend USG events.”

Chyna Richards 

Calogero Tiermini — “I am a member of the Muriel A. Howard Honors Program at SUNY Buffalo State. Not only has this program given me opportunities to further my learning and development, such as the Buffalo Babel series of literary book talks and challenging course options, but the requirements to be in the program also prove my responsibility, determination, and professional focus. Students in the Honors program must maintain a 3.5 GPA and are expected to become involved with Honors events, such as our weekly Friday Fare activities. Similarly, my academic drive and accountability is reflected by my positions on the Dean’s List, finishing the Fall 2018 semester with a 4.0 GPA.

Additionally, I am already a current member of the United Students Government Senate. In this role, I assume a responsibility for my fellow students, representing their values and desires for SUNY Buffalo State, and I dedicate my time and energy into working events for the student body, such as Paint Nights, Academic Mixers, and Corporate Meetings. My experience and involvement in this group, despite having been a member for less than a year, has been invaluable to me, and it will prove to be invaluable to the Senate as well.

In my time at Buffalo State, I have heard many students express concerns about campus safety. After the string of robberies, shootings, and muggings that occurred on or near campus during the fall semester, many students came to me with concerns about what was being done to guarantee their safety. In my future time as Senator, I will address their concerns in the most efficient way possible. Rather than simply looking for a quick fix, I will push for solutions that, while may be more expensive or time consuming, will ensure that the safety of our students is prioritized for the entire future: not just a few months. Increased foot patrols of Campus Safety officers. Brighter and more numerous path lights. Stricter monitoring of who enters campus buildings. All these solutions, and many more, will be addressed by the end of my time in the senate.

I should be elected to this position for three reasons. First, I have demonstrated the qualities needed for this position. Second, I have knowledge and experience in this field. Third, I have clear goals for the future.
I am currently, or have previously been, involved in several notable organizations, such as the National Honors Society, Canandaigua Academy Players, and Muriel A. Howard Honors Society. These groups all required certain characteristics for admittance. They all required an individual with a strong motivation to succeed, the ability to manage time and balance a busy schedule, and the ability to meet and surpass certain responsibilities. I have also demonstrated my capability to effectively manage and lead others in my roles as Student Director and Drama Officer for the Canandaigua Academy Players. I was not only responsible for auditioning, rehearsing, and performing in our productions, but I was also responsible for running rehearsals, managing the productions’ finances, and organizing the cast and crew. Not only did I balance my activities in these organizations, I was also able to work as a customer service representative at Wegmans, in Canandaigua, while consistently earning High Honor Roll and Distinguished Scholar throughout my academic career.

My determination and desires did not end after high school, however.
After beginning my first semester at Buffalo State, I immediately applied for a position in the United Student’s Government (USG). After my acceptance, I immediately devoted myself to USG. I worked beyond my mandatory number of USG events, I promoted the group through physical and digital means, and I told my fellow students of the importance of being involved in how their school was run. Additionally, I joined the committee for Campus Affairs and Government Relations, where I was responsible for evaluating student organizations and making sure they were running efficiently. My first-hand experience in USG and the committee has ensured I am extremely familiar with the duties of this position and have given me the motivation to work towards these responsibilities.

Finally, I deserve to be elected due to my clear and structured plans for after I am elected. My goals are to ensure that students have guaranteed safety wherever they are on campus. People attend Buffalo State in order to gather the information and experience required to excel in the future. How can we expect them to learn properly, however, if they are constantly anxious and unsure of their safety in a place that many consider to be their second home? Safety of the student should come before all else. My ideas are many, but they require an individual with the determination, vision, and work ethic to see them through to completion. I am that individual.”

Oneika Webb — “My name is Oneika Webb and I am running for the USG senator position. I am currently a sophomore and my major is Computer Information Systems, with a minor in Creative Studies focusing on Leadership. One of the qualifications I have for this position is my ability to communicate effectively. Having a position as a senator requires you to be able to listen and communicate as effectively and respectfully as you can. With having a lot of experience with customer service, I know how to take precautions to situations that may get heated to keep them under

The ability to know how to handle certain situations based on one’s actions is a viable skill in life. My goals for this position are to be able to use my voice and personal experiences to make our College experience a better one. Another one my goal is to listen to the needs of the students who are often ignored and try to make a change if I attain this position. I would also like to use my personal skills such as my creativity and outgoing personality to influence and spread positivity to my peers around me. I should be elected for the position because I attain all the qualities needed for the position, plus more. I am very punctual and I know this position contains a lot of events and meetings which I will have to attend. I go by the saying “it’s better to be 20 minutes early than 5 minutes late.” I have astounding organization stills. I juggle 2 jobs off campus, a work study and 15 credits each semester and I am still able to attain all A’s. I am very dedicated to whatever I decide to do and I never give up. My leadership qualities is one I often get credited on. Whenever I make a decision I think about who and how it may or can affect someone else.

My decision to apply for this position has a little backstory. Buffalo State wasn’t my first choice when deciding to go away for college. However, with the help of my sister and mother we chose this school. My first semester at Buffalo State I was depressed I knew no one I would literally go to class, eat and then go back to my room. I had also been given work-study that semester and I did about 2 interviews and didn’t get any of them, mostly because of my schedule making me only available when they’re closed. My second semester I felt more motivated as I had achieved all A’s my first semester but I still felt like I was missing something, a place where I can use my talents, a place where I belong. I was able to partially fill some of this gap when I attained a job by my second semester in college. The other half I have yet to fill which is being apart of a group on Buffalo State campus to share my knowledge and to help influence others and make it a better place. When I was informed by my sister about this position at the end of my freshman year I liked it the moment I heard it and I have been interested ever since. A concern I plan to address if elected is the ability to get more students educated on what USG does and how they contribute to the events on campus. I say this because when I was a freshman there were many things I heard about what USG was about, which wasn’t true and a lot of my peers didn’t know either so I plan to make other freshman/sophomore have a better understanding.

Averianna Ross — “Hello my name is Averianna Ross and I am currently a junior here at Buffalo State College. I currently a Business Administration major with a minor in Legal Studies.My current school includes being a senator on the USG 42nd legislature, justice of the Student on Conduct Board, and chapter president of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Incorporated. My time as a senator on the 42nd legislature has been nothing short of eye-opening and fulfilling. Being given the opportunity to be apart of being on the Public Relations committee has inspired me to apply for the position of AVP of Public Relations. Being on the committee has allowed me to expand my communication with Buffalo State students which can help me strive in the position. Along with promoting events on social media and in person, tabling during Bengal Pause and dorm storming has revealed how important it is to communicate with my peers. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow from the executive board, which has encouraged me to take the next step and be apart of a bigger change. I feel as though I would be a great asset to the 43rd Legislature, if the student body wills it.”

For College Senate:

Brittany Boakey — “My name is Brittany Boakye and I am interested in being a part of United Student Government as a Senator because I been a part of this organization for 2 years and would like to continue being involved in all aspects of the school and student life. For my first year of USG I was a senator and with hard work and dedication I progress to be on the executive board as AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations. Having exposure to a higher position in USG will be great for my future college experiences, expanding my horizon, while stepping out of my comfort zone. With this position, I was heavily involved with organizations and clubs on campus making sure they were receiving the help they needed and making sure organization used the money given to them in a productive way.

The reason that I am the best candidate because I bring determination, organization, energy, and leadership. I am already involved in the campus from organizations to volunteer service, so being an active member on this campus is nothing new to me. Being a part of student government and the executive board, I have a little insight in what the responsibilities of this position entails and consist of. In the past, I was on a Student Leadership Council at my high school where we had to plan events, held meetings and be a voice for students in the school. Being a part of this council previously helped me gain knowledge of the responsibility and work that goes into being on a committee.”

Sherice Carter —  “I was fortunate enough to serve on the 42nd legislature of The United Students Government. I’ve recently held the position of senator; the duties I fulfill was to assist my fellow e-board members run multiple events for the student body. A few of those events included Stomp, Paint Nights, and The Power of Pink Fashion show. In addition to, working these events I also sat on the budget committee. I helped the treasurer with reimbursements and budgeting for the organizations on campus. I would like to be a part of the College Senate to get more insight on new information that I can spread to the student body. If elected my main goal would be to bring more attention to the senate, I would bring the new found information to The United Student Government weekly meetings, while also keeping my class mates up to date. I should be elected because I’m extremely determined, focused, and eager to be involved.”

Tiffany Easy

Ryan Hopkins 

Lakeram Jairam

Bianca Moise  — “My name is Bianca Moise. I am a junior majoring in journalism, it has always been a mission of mine to get involved on campus. As I entered my freshman year here at Buffalo State I made a promise to myself that in some way I would do everything in my powers to leave my mark on this campus, that is when I decided to run for the United Students Government.
I believe in the mission of the United Students Government better known as USG. I was intrigued with the fact that it is a government run by students fighting for the student body’s best interest. I became a senator my sophomore year and I sat on the campus programming committee working very closely with the Assistant Vice President to plan events that would satisfy the needs of the student body.

The following year, I felt I could do more on the organization I became the Assistant Vice President for Public Relations and now I create flyers to promote our upcoming events and maintain our social media page. Then I thought I could do more on campus and that’s when I made the decision to become a resident assistant. When I got the position I was thrilled, I was excited to give incoming freshman advice to make their transition from high school to college a smooth one. If elected to the college senate I would bring my knowledge and my level of expertise of working in a group and bringing the information I receive back to the student body. I want to be apart of the college senate, because a fellow member of the senate told me about his great experience on the college senate and when I did my research, I realize that my experience could only impact the senate in a favorable way.”

For College Council:

Chyna Richards

For Faculty Student Association Board:

Ryan Hopkins

Bianca Moise 

For Grant Allocation Committee:

Brittany Boakey

For Student Assembly:

Brittany Boakey

Jennifer Mauk