Prep for success: Tips for students seeking jobs and internships

Johnathan Ciolek, Reporter

The day has finally come. You are at the job interview you have been wanting for so long.

Your palms begin to sweat, your knees are shaking enough for you to notice and you have this eerie feeling within your stomach.

The stress intensifies when you look around and see the other possible candidates that could be hired. The sole thought that crosses your mind is, “Will I get the job?”

The stress of a job interview does not have to be so gut-wrenching. There are various pointers and resources that can help you feel even more prepared for that dream interview you want.

The Career Development Center located in Cleveland Hall has a variety of resources available to all students to prepare them for jobs and interviews.On their website,, there is information on how to create a resume and cover letter for your job search. The links go in-depth about the do’s and don’ts of resumé writing.

The next part to prepare for is the interview. The Career Development Center is a great tool when it comes to tips for practicing for interviews and how to answer interview questions.

According to the Career Development Center’s website, “The single most crucial part of the job hunt process is the formal interview. During the interview, both parties see if they like each other and how they can satisfy each other’s needs.”

The Career Development Center believes that every student should be well-prepared for their possible job interviews.

“From the moment you greet the interviewer(s) until you say good-bye, you will want to create a favorable impression. Making a formal, personal presentation of your knowledge, attitudes and skills as related to the job you are seeking means preparing with research and practice.”

While your communications skills are a very vital part of the interview, no job will take you seriously unless you look professional. Before you say a single word to the interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed.

For anyone looking to buy some professional apparel, the Career Development Center has a suit up event in partner with JCPenney. Students will receive an extra 40% of career wear. Additional information can be found on

For men, it is recommended to wear a suit for a job interview. Make sure your clothes match and feel comfortable because if you are uncomfortable, it will show. For the most part, it is best to stay conservative with your color choice in suits. For example, a dark-colored suit with a light-colored shirt is your best option. In terms of hygiene, make sure your teeth are brushed, breath is fresh, and your hair is neat and clean.

Women are generally advised to wear a suit with a skirt or pants. Like men, make sure your clothes are comfortable and are not flashy in color. Make-up and nail polish should be understated and flattering, so shades that are neutral to your skin tone are generally advisable. Jewelry and hair accessories should be kept to a minimum. You want to stick to accessories that are not too flashy or distracting. Finally, as with men, good hygiene is crucial for your interview.


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