Off-campus coffee shops perfect for studying


Kelsie Engert/The Record

Perks Cafe is a perfect study spot if the library just isn’t cutting it for you anymore.

Kelsie Engert, Social Media Editor

It’s about that time of the semester when midterm evaluations are just around the corner and just about anything other than homework feels like a guilt trip.

It’s time you buckle down after procrastinating thus far. The library just isn’t going to cut it for the study atmosphere you desperately need, though. And if you’re anything like me, something about being in public makes you so much more productive.

It’s almost as if the surrounding people hold me accountable- and being distracted is just not an option. A cafe makes for the absolute perfect study space because everyone knows the best way to study is under the caffeinated spell of coffee (that is, if you’re into that kind of magic).

There are plenty of cute coffee shops just minutes from campus that make for the quintessential study session destination. Some of my favorites include:

Spot on Elmwood

765 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY

This is my go-to study spot (no pun intended). It’s great for a longggg study sesh – like the 5-hour kind (you procrastinators know what I’m talking about). If I sit down to write a paper, I know I’m going to get it done, even if it means staying for lunch and dinner, and a late night espresso shot. It’s also pretty spacious, and perfect for group or couple study dates.

Sweet Ness 7 Cafe

220 Grant St., Buffalo, NY

If you’re feeling motivated in the AM, this is the place to go for a delicious, hearty breakfast (aka straight study fuel). There are plenty of tables to set up a laptop and get some work done!

Perks Cafe

448 Elmwood Ave + 346 Connecticut St., Buffalo, NY 

This is another go-to for me (especially now that they have a second location right around the corner from me!). The coffee drink options are practically endless. Be sure to check the specials list too for some tasty, creative drinks! They’ve got a great selection of salads, sandwiches and wraps to munch on while you study- and of course, plenty of vegan options too!


1002 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY

This quaint, vintage little coffee shop/juice bar is just a few skips down the street from campus. They’ve got plenty of healthy food options to recharge your brain before you get down to business. And if you’re not a coffee-lover, they’ve got freshly squeezed juice that’ll do the trick!

Garage Cafe

1127 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY

This is a literal garage turned into a cafe, with a really cool vibe and a ton of space to study- and outlets. (Amen.) I recommend going during the day if you plan to get anything done because you might get a little distracted at night. P.S. you HAVE to try the giant cinnamon bun- I promise you won’t regret it.  

Tipico Coffee

128 Fargo Ave., Buffalo, NY

If you’re an early riser (and coffee-addict), you must know about Tipico. It opens at 6 am. every weekday, which is practically unheard of for a coffee shop around here. The cafe has a modern, rustic feel with plenty of room to spread out your work! They also have some of the best coffee in Buffalo (FYI- you can buy it on their website!), and delectable toasts and spreads!