This Week at USG: 02/17-02/23


Photo by Yomira Meregildo

Dylan Sleight, Associate News Editor

To the Buffalo State community:

For most of The Record’s life there has been an emphasis on informing you, the students of Buffalo State, of the ins and outs of your United Students Government so that you as readers may be more informed on the week-to-week decisions made by USG that affect you. For the past several years, however, we have failed to adequately perform his task. We are now trying to put a rebirth of energy into our coverage of all USG meetings and events that affect our readers and our campus. We hope you enjoy our new and improved “This Week At USG” section and we encourage all readers, whether they be students, faculty or staff, to reach out to us with any thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve your knowledge of your school.


Editors of The Buffalo State Record



8:47 p.m., Bulger Communication Center

President Joseph Cicatello started this week’s USG meeting with an announcement to extended the deadline for the $500 USG scholarship. The deadline that was originally advertised for last friday, Feb. 15, has been extended to March 4.

“So many people have applied, we just didn’t have a choice but to push it back,” Cicatello said.

He encouraged all students to apply, clarifying that although the scholarship is academic-based, student recipients are allowed to use the money on whatever they might need for the next semester.

“It doesn’t have to go to tuition,” Cicatello said. “You might just need a new pair of boots.”

Treasurer Danielle Gboloo followed Cicatello, opening her agenda with a request from Buffalo State radio station WBNY. Following the passing of the station’s pro-engineer, Paul Smith, WBNY representatives have requested the funds USG previously secured to hire Smith be reallocated toward maintenance and acquiring new equipment for the station. After many questions and clarifications, Gboloo settled the debate.

“They’re taking something they would have used to pay an individual, to get new equipment,” Gboloo said.

The motion was first approved by Sen. Emely Ramirez, then by Vice President Malik Nelson. USG passed the motion with all parties voting in favor, except one abstention, concluding Gboloo’s agenda.

Speaker Pro Tem Jennifer Mauk started her agenda following Gboloo. Mauk’s first order of business was to hear the testimonial of Prospective Sen. George Daniels.

Daniels is a freshman criminal justice major and a Queens, New York native. He has three years experience in student government from high school and is a student ambassador on campus. Administrative Vice President Bianca Moise was the first USG member to recommend Daniels be approved to the Senate.

“He’s very motivated and hardworking,” Moise said. “I feel like he’s the definition of what a senator should be.”

USG approved Daniel appointment to the Senate with 19 in favor and three abstentions.

Mauk contined her agenda with a request from Ethics Bowl  for re-recognition as an official Buffalo State organization. Ethics Bowl is a philosophical debate club, which aims to engage students in ethics-based discussions regarding current events. Senators and executives alike wished to know what types of events Ethics Bowl planned to organize, what demographic of students were welcomed to join the club, when they meet and how they aimed to further promote their organization, if approved.

“Consider doing events in other time slots too, not only Bengal Pause,” said Administrative Vice President Brittany Boakye. After deliberation Ethics Club was recognized with 16 in favor, 3 against and 3 abstentions, concluding Mauk’s agenda.

USG wrapped up its ‘straight to business’ meeting this week with a last minute lecture and inspection regarding proper dress code during USG meetings and events for senators and executives. Mauk and Nelson spearheaded the issue, adamant that senators and executives take their positions seriously.

“The idea is to come in business casual,” Mauk said. “We just wanted you to know, your dress will have an affect on you in the future.”

The meeting adjourned directly after this dire piece of business at precisely 9:38 PM.

For those interested in participating in USG, the organization is still looking for 12 senators to fill their 30-person senate. Students who wish to apply are encouraged to reach out to USG executives as soon as possible. Student elections for executives are coming up and will be held from March 11 through March 14.


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