Check your inbox: Buff State’s majors survey could lead to academic development

Alexander Field, Staff Writer

SUNY Buffalo State’s first annual major survey has been sent– check your inbox!

“This is an opportunity for students to voice their opinions; to really allow their voices to be heard,” Eric Krieg, the project’s leader explained.

The 25-question survey takes five to ten minutes (it took me eight when reading the introduction and completing the comment boxes). More than half of the questions relate to your major and your personal experience. The link was emailed Friday afternoon.

A campus-wide major survey has never been done before. Every couple years, SUNY administers a student opinion survey at Buffalo State, but “it doesn’t really tell us the difference between the majors,” Krieg said.

The new questionnaire is shorter than SUNY’s and will give Buffalo State’s administration what it needs to better improve its students’ experience. Eric “Luke” Krieg stressed that we take a moment to fill out the comment boxes which is our chance to say exactly what should stay and what should change.

“When we get the results back, we’re gonna act on them,” Krieg said.

Any changes are expected to take effect as early as the upcoming fall semester, so seniors are encouraged to help leave a legacy. Of the college’s about 8,500 students, they’re hoping 30 percent complete the survey. “But the more, the better,” Krieg said.

The survey will be open for 2 months, so there’s time. But unlike many other tenacious Buffalo State emails, you won’t receive any of the reminders after you take the survey. All current students– registered or not– are included.

“We should be an example of democracy at work,” Krieg said.

Krieg plans to continue the survey in the Spring every one to two years (hence, first annual). Along with this, he will be developing a “student concerns” page on Buffalo State’s website and put iPads in Campbell Student Union as a digital suggestion box.

“Let’s try to at least give students a voice; make the college a happier, more productive place for everyone to be,” Krieg said.

Eric “Luke” Krieg is a sociology professor at Buffalo State and became the Interm. Assoc. VP for Institutional Effectiveness in Fall 2018.