Spacebound Takeover


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Tina Diblasio, Staff Writer

On Friday night, February 1, I decided to go out and check out the music scene at Mohawk Place located at 47 East Mohawk St in downtown Buffalo.

The show consisted of Dj Lil Gabby and ToneyBoi, 14 Trapdoors, Rodagues, F 1rst class, Freak The Mighty, Don ZZombie and last but certainly not least Spacebound!

I arrived at the venue around 11:30 p.m. and made it just in time to get a few interviews with some of the members of Spacebound.

First off is Auston Barker, also known as HOOLY who created the Spacebound group with Sam Grizz (also well-known artist in the group).

Grizz and HOOLY created the group over 6 years ago and it has flourished beyond belief.

When asking HOOLY what he believes the message of his music is he said, “Be free, nothing matters and be happy.”

Next up is ZayRose, who has been apart of Spacebound for about 3 to 4 years.

I asked him to tell me about the message behind his music he said, “It isn’t hard to make music about real things. People make music that isn’t about real things.”

ZayRose went on to express that Spacebound’s music overall gives out a real message and they don’t try to fake a lifestyle.

The last member of Spacebound that I had the pleasure in interviewing was MitchFinesse who has been a part of Spacebound for two years now and is one of the newest members and also Sam Grizz’s younger brother.

“Just have fun with your life…have fun lives at the moment”, these are the positive words that Mitch had to say about the message he thinks his music portrays. He goes on to say that, “life may be tough now, but it won’t be forever so just have fun and live in the moment.”

This was my first time being at one of Spacebounds performances and I have to say I was blown away.

I was aware going in that they have a good following and that I would not know as many songs or feel as comfortable letting loose and enjoying the music as everyone else, but once they hit the stage, I was jumping around and having an amazing time and it was very freeing.

To be able to be who you want and act how you please in a space where no one was judging you was the best feeling in the world.

Each act was only onstage for about a half hour and once their time was up, I was dying to hear more.

I will definitely be going to every performance to come and I highly recommend for all to go.

Each member I spoke to kept telling me of this idea of feeling free, enjoying life and being overall happy. Being at that performance made me feel all those things and more, making it a memorable experience that I can not wait to enjoy again.