The Champions of the Box Office: Creed II


Jasmine Huntley, Reporter

MGM, Warner Brothers, and New Line Cinema knocked out the box off during Thanksgiving holiday weekend with the release of “Creed II”.

The boxing film came in second on the box office list, also making it the biggest debut for an action film release on Thanksgiving day.

“Creed II” directed by Steven Caple Jr., brought in $58 million in just five days.

Critics have said it’s better than the first film “Creed(2015) directed by Ryan Coogler.

The sequel “Creed II” starring Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, is on top of the world while starting a family with his on-camera fiancé Bianca played by Tessa Thompson and defending his championship title.

In a boxing ring in Philadelphia Adonis agrees to a fight that may change everything for him with Russian boxer, Viktor Drago played by Florian Munteanu.

Adonis “Donnie” is the son of the late Apollo Creed who died in the ring going toe-to-toe with Russian boxer Ivan Drago played by Dolph Lundgren thirty years prior to “Creed.

With ambitions to keep the legacy his father has built and to prove to himself that he’s made for this fight, Donnie agrees to take on the fight with Ivan’s son Viktor Drago.

Defending his championship title, preparing for a newborn baby, and marriage, Donnie has everything to lose fighting Viktor.

Born into a life of struggle, losses, and abandonment from his mother and his country, Viktor has everything to gain from the fight with Donnie.

This film shows Adonis’s motivation to prove himself as a boxer, being broken down and rebuilding himself physically and mentally, defending his legacy, and emerging as a man with the support of Bianca and Rocky.

This drama/action packed movie keeps the viewer on their toes with each punch. With each fight, the camera’s close intimacy gives you the feel of being at the fight, almost feeling every hit. The blood, sweat, and tears Jordan puts into each fight and every scene you can’t help but feel the same emotions as the characters. Needless to say, “Creed II” is the undisputed champion for the box office this week.