Beautiful Boy Movie Review


Kyle Fallon, Reporter

Movies often portray action heroes, love stories or are there to make us laugh, but movies like “Beautiful Boy” are here to shed light on a problem that people face everyday and the heartbreak and pain it can cause people.

“Beautiful Boy” is a film that combines the novels of father and son ,David and Nic Sheff, played by Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet. The novels chronicle the sons extreme drug addiction and the fathers struggle to save his son from it.

The film does a great job of establishing the strong relationship that David and Nic have as father and son. Growing up, the pair were incredibly close. Nic’s parents were divorced and he spent more time with his father.

Things took a take a turn when David finds out his son has addiction far worse than he could ever imagine.

For Nic, it was just a joint here and there but the addiction reached the point of occasionally using crystal meth.

Throughout the film, you see Nic rise and fall through sobriety and relapse, and go from rehab center, to college, to hospitals, and to the streets.

All while this is taking place you get the story of how it affects the family members which include his father David, his mother Vicki, step-mother Maura, and his two younger half siblings Jasper and Daisy.

The film gives insight on how one should deal with people and family members who have an addiction. It shows the seriousness of the issue and that no matter how hard people try to fight their addictions, they can be back on them after one small incident.

If anyone wants to know more and understand how people who are going through drug addiction feel, they should watch this movie. It must be said that this film isn’t for everyone and it can be very difficult to view at sometimes, but remember  it sheds light on an important issue that people all over the world can relate to or at least be informed about.