Review: Michael Myers Is Back!


Alex Silvia/The Record

“Halloween” is a feminist film where Laurie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, gets her revenge on Michael Myers.

Tina Diblasio, Staff Writer

Last week, I decided to feed my growing love for Halloween and went to see the newest Halloween movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Halloween franchise has had a plethora of movies that have scared us since the very first film in 1978. Once you hear the airy musical intro, you know exactly what movie is starting.

The Halloween franchise has made now ten movies that keep up coming back for more. For those that don’t know the original story, here is some background information without giving the best parts away.

The first film was created when Curtis was only sixteen years old.

The movie starts with her babysitting on Halloween night and a crazed murder escapes from a local mental institution and is on a path to kill anyone and everyone. Jamie’s character, Laurie, finds herself being hunted by Michael and there seems to be no escape.

By the end of each of the movies, Michael finds a way to wait until the next Halloween to strike again while Laurie waits in the shadows.

Flash forward now to 2018, Michael is back and there is hell to pay.

I have seen all of the movies and this one impressed me the most. With there being so many movies already one may think that there isn’t any more story to tell, or is there?  

In this movie, Laurie is a mother and a grandmother who will do anything it takes to protect her family. The goriness was also quite shocking to me considering that in past movies we see people get stabbed of course by Michael’s famous kitchen knife, however in this film we are exposed to more “unique” ways of killing.

Going into the theater I was warned by a few friends that the movie was not good and was a waste of time. I’m here to say do not listen to those people!

Out of all the films this one does the best job at portraying the original. Let’s face it, the originals of all movies are always the best and I think that audiences will have an appreciation for the aesthetic aspect of the film.

Typically, in these movies we are able to infer on what will happen next and almost all of my inferences were wrong.

When my hands weren’t covering my eyes, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next and I have to say, the ending threw me into a million questions but also left me satisfied.

So, go down to the Regal theater on Tuesday nights.  It’s always half off ticket prices and if you’re lucky like me, there won’t be too many people in the theater, that way  you and your friends’ screams can stay between you and the screen. If you hear a piano playing as you leave though, best of luck.