Your ‘costume’ is not a costume


Jennifer Mauk, Reporter

As Halloween is quickly approaching and Target is selling more avocado costumes for adults, the seemingly never-ending struggle of finding a good costume will soon come to an end.

Finding a good costume can be as easy as using Pinterest and Google; to simply find cliche costumes you’ll see five other people wearing.

There is a plethora of character recreations that can be done with a weird outfit from your closet that resembles one of the characters outfits maybe by adding a pair of glasses.

Target is a great place to start looking for costumes, with their overwhelming amount of online-only costumes for people who want to put in zero effort. These costumes include but are not limited to: an avocado, carton of milk and an inflatable waving car guy.

Children will be running around in their parents’ over-made, expensive, ridiculous costumes on the 31st, but at least those can actually be considered costumes.

I understand the idea that college students dressing up is a fun activity, as it should be, but if you throw on a pair of bunny ears and call it a night, you will definitely win the award for worst attempt at a costume.

Now, if you still want to wear jeans, at least throw on a white shirt and some pink shoes with the bunny ears so it coordinates.

The bunny ear headband is an accessory, not a full costume. People wear headbands all the time except this one is just furry.

The whole idea of a Halloween costume is that it’s an assembly of multiple pieces to portray a character or thing. In no way does this mean you have to spend thousands of dollars as if you were taking this costume to comic con unless of course, you are actually going to comic con.

Amazon, Walmart, Target and even the dollar store all have components you can pile together to make a full Halloween costume.

Now, you might be considering painting your face to be a skeleton or pumpkin so on and so forth. This again is not a costume, this is face paint. They do face paint at carnivals and fairs so don’t claim that wearing pajamas with your face painted makes a Halloween costume. Painting your face and adding an outfit that fits the color scheme or overall idea of the face paint makes a costume.

As a broke college student myself, my Halloween costume will consist of a black shirt, skirt and tights, black boots, a broomstick, a witch hat, colored contacts and a gleaming highlight. Yes, I consider this a costume. I have an outfit that goes with my witch hat, colored contacts also fit the idea of a witch. If the broomstick doesn’t bring it all together I don’t know what does.

If for any reason you want to be an avocado, get some green pants and a green shirt . Costumes on a budget aren’t the easiest, but a shirt, pants, and some random accessories from Walmart can make something worth wearing. You could be Rosie the Riveter with some dark jeans, a light denim shirt and a red bandana. Throw on a superman shirt under a button down with some glasses and you are Clark Kent. As long as there are aspects of your outfit and accessories that make it obvious as to who you are trying to be, it can be considered a costume.